The DIY Spirit


I purchased my first home in late 2013, and was excited at first by all the lifelong dreams I had secretly accumulated regarding how I wanted my home to look. So many ideas about gardens, landscaping, carpet, furniture, colour schemes had accrued over 29 years of living.

For most of us, money is the ultimate decision maker regarding which choices we make, and often this forces us to subordinate our creative vision, compromising for less than our dreams.  With my close friend the Internet at hand, I goggled and taught myself to do many projects that could have been outside my budget if I  purchased the items at retail prices and then hired professionals to come in and perform all the work outside my skill set to accomplish.

I was amazed at the feeling of satisfaction I received when I built all the flat pack furniture in my home, painted, designed my yard from a few Better Homes & Gardens articles I had read.  Even had my parents assist with the labour (Thank you!).  Recently, removing grout from tiles and replacing it feels quiet an accomplishment.  Thus began the rush of the DIY spirit inside of me.  We all have the innate ability to dream, create and learn anything we want to accomplish as long as we are willing to put in the effort.

Everyone should roll up their sleeves and toss aside the belief lack of money, or lack of knowledge or skills, are the determining factors in what we can accomplish.  I simply attempted DIY every other weekend over two years and gradually built a database of knowledge about some Do It Yourself.

Yet I’m putting down the hammer and put my tool box back on the shelf for a while. I am not a professional, and I accept this with all my pride. There are somethings I ‘Can’t Do It Myself’.  Changing a light fitting is one of them.  As simple as changing a lightbulb sounds, with How many does it take to change a lightbulb jokes flowing through my head.

I failed.


Standing on a dining room chair (one I had put together myself), and removed the light bulb cover along with the old bulb. I was inserting a new bulb, still standing on the chair I flicked the light switch on the adjacent wall to test the bulb would light up.


I’m on the floor with broken glass all around me. I fell right onto the hard floor tiles, the dogs attempting to lick my face in all the commotion. My backs aching as I attempt to sit up, I’ve cut my arm on glass, my ankle isn’t looking good either. Stumbling to the back door to lock the dog outside. I now had to clean up the mess of the lightbulb exploding.  After the cleanup I heated up a wheat pack in the microwave and laid in bed feeling sorry for myself.

I should have been lazy today and read a book, listen to music or catching up on a tv series I haven’t finished yet on Netflix.  Next time I’ll save myself the backache and employ a professional. It’s good for the economy and it’s good for my health, I can relax in the reassurance that the job will be a good one and most importantly I won’t end up a mess on the floor.

Mars on Life.