Happily Ever After

‘And they lived happily ever after’.

When I walk out of the cinema of a Disney romance my mind ponders whether theses characters will stay together forever happily.  Disney’s ‘Paperman‘ is one of my favorite short films, George and Meg where two people standing on a train station platform exchange looks as she departs for the train. Two strangers, who think is there a connection, they feel this connection for a split second and wonder who that person was. What if two people were really perfect for each other, and they had that chance meeting and now they are separated – how would those two people get back together again? Paperman shows how a little bit of magic and fate intervene to bring them back together. It’s romantic.

I broke up with my recent boyfriend yesterday.  I’m happy with the decision and are going to continue my happy little single life I had before he came along.  When I met him I shared the feelings that George and Meg from Paperman had for each other.  A burst of wonder, a bubble of excitement rush through my veins, I really liked this person.  3 months later, I still cared about him, but the romantic feelings and intentions were slowly withering away.  I decided I would prefer to have my heart broken once again then be with someone I wasn’t entirely happy with. Their was never going to be a happy ever after for us.

Does happily ever after have to include a prince, a man of your dreams? Does it even have to include a man?  I have always picture myself with a big dog beside me on the couch called Charlie.  We would go for daily walks,  Charlie can sleep on the end of my bed, and best of all Charlie would always be so excited to see me when I get home. We would enjoy cuddles and wet dog kisses. Charlie would by my own version of having a child/friend/companion in my life.  That’s a happily ever after I should be chasing.

If the man of my dreams happens to approach me at the dog park, I’ll be happy to give him my attention.

Love is an open door – Frozen

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