An Office

I have recently taken up 10 weeks of higher duties at work. One of the things I am most thrilled with after three days in the role is that I now have my own office.

For the 12 months, I have been working along with most of my colleagues in an open plan office floor. (Years ago when I was a Conveyancing Officer at a Law Firm, I had an office.  I had no idea what a great perk it was.)

The logic behind the open plan office layout is sound: People talk to each other more and it creates a more even ground atmosphere among co-workers.

It also means there is total lack of privacy. Unless they grab their cellphone and run to the restroom, you can hear your colleagues plan their kids’ birthday parties or their disagreements with their spouses.

Moving into my new office room made me realize how much I was missing when I didn’t have the space. Although this is the original owners desk again in 10 weeks, I love walking into this office each morning.

I’ve sorted out all my papers and wish I could put up some pictures of my dogs and display a Disney calendar on the wall.  The room is completely white except for a brown warrior colored wall. Even without having my own nick-nacks around me, it feels cosy and welcoming.

More important than the feeling of ownership and the enhanced privacy, I have the sense that I’m also more productive. I have the space to organize my files and I no longer overhear distracting conversations. My new colleagues and I talk during the day but we can then retreat into our own space to tackle e-mails, reports and our work.