2014 Goals


Every year I share the goals I want to achieve. 2014 has me a bit stumped. From 2013’s list of goals I have one outstanding, to run a half marathon.

I started to think about events for 2014.

– I will turn 30
– my brother will get married
– planned trip to NZ

With 2013 being a massive year of highlights, buying my first car, going to Nepal and making it to Mt Everest Base Camp, purchasing and renovating my first property; to name a few. It’s no wonder I look into 2014 as pretty uninspiring year.

After some careful consideration I’ve devised a list of goals.

1. Run a half marathon.
2. Obtain a permanent AO4 or higher role at work.
3. Visit Japan.
4. Be true to myself.
5. Love, Discover, Adventure, and Believe.