Updated: Missing me yet?

My life has been a roller coster ride the last 4 week or so weeks.

The new job I have started down the Gold Coast is over an hours drive from my current residence in Brisbane.   Still living at mums house while I eagerly await the settlement day of a property I’ve signed a contract for on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

I plan to have some tradesmen come and paint the entire inside of the townhouse, re-carpet upstairs and vinyl downstairs.  I wont be moving in until all basic renovations are complete and little me can live in a townhouse fit for a princess, Silver Metallic feature wall!

As with any workplace you find the great people and the downright negative nannies.  In the last few week’s I’ve been getting along well with all my new co-workers and forming friendships, we are a great team and a wonderful group of girls.  I’ve always found people find me easy to open up too, I’m a very open an honest person myself, I don’t hide to much BS under the mat.  A few co-workers have commented on the refreshing change of a positive attitude, love my dry but funny sarcasm, and that they feel they can open up to me about any topic at all.  The patients are fantastic, I forget how nice it is to speak to the adult public, hearing they’re interesting stories. Even the odd grumpy bum that want’s to have a vent about the price of parking.  I’m also enjoying the hype about the move to the new Gold Coast University Hospital in Late September. I did a tour of the complex and it’s huge! Opened my eyes as to where the Gold Coast will be headed in the next few years leading up to the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

The Gold Coast just has a different atmosphere compared to Brisbane. It’s no wonder I always saw my future self living at the coast one day after many family vacations on the Gold Coast.

Nepal trip is just over 4 weeks away. I’m really excited about the holiday, but nervous due to my fitness levels dropping with these shin injuries still ongoing.  I’ve been working with my GP, Physio  and Chrio over the last few weeks and had a X-ray and total body scan to see what my bodies structure is doing to me.  I have been warned I may not like the results considering the continuing pain I’ve had, but I don’t want to give up on Mt Everest Base Camp after pulling out of the Gold Coast Half Marathon in early July. The pains is so bad that even walking around the shopping mall for more than an hour they begin to hurt and painkillers are not helping much.  My fitness has taken a blow with the injury, I’m keeping positive that I will do the best I can do on the trip, I wont push myself to be at the front of the hiking pack.  And when I return from Nepal and settle into my new home I can continue with Sprint Distance Triathlon’s before I try to take on another Olympic Distance and beyond in future seasons.

A short catch up on my life and why I have not been blogging as much. I miss writing each week.  If Steve Jobs was still around I am confident he would have invented a mind translator that could transfer my thoughts onto my blog while I am driving to and from work each day.  With 3 hours to myself each day, I’ve found A LOT of topics to think about between the loud music and singing.

Mars xoxo