Totally Addicted To Travel

I may be suffering from dromomania, or “mad travellers’ disease” – a medical condition that describes people who are driven to wander long distances due to irresistible impulses.

Or I could just love to travel.

So how do I know if I’m developing an addiction to wandering around the world?  Here are some of my tell tail signs:

  • My suitcase is never fully unpacked.
  • The only reason I work is to save up for my next trip.
  • The airport feels like a second home, and I don’t mind sleeping across bench seats between flights.
  • Duty Free shopping is a exciting challenge to see how much I can buy before my next flight.
  • I have more friends overseas than at home.
  • I plan my next trip before I’ve finish the current one – or as soon as I get home!
  • I have more miles in the air than I have on my car.
  • I own more of those tiny bottles of toiletries than standard ones.
  • Waking up at home feels strange.
  • I try to curve my pillow around my neck, like a travel pillow.
  • My room is filled with souvenirs and artwork.
  • I’m an expert on currency conversions and have a stash of money in different currencies.
  • I panic at the thought of having to stay in one place for too long.
  • I find it hard to sleep without the sound and vibrations from the jet engines.
  • I can pack in under five minutes.
  • My bucket list is almost entirely travel-related.
  • I wear t-shirts or other items of clothing emblazoned with country names to bed.
  • I feel sad when I walk through my front door…. until I see Cooper and cuddle him.