I want in 2013

2013 Goals

In the first week of January 2013, I sat down and made the above list of goals, then posted to instagram.  Today we are half way through the 4th month of the year April, and I stumbled across the list amongst the 1000’s of photos I have on my smart phone.  I felt proud of the achievements, failures, and in progress these goals listed.

1.  Quit my job, and start a new career – In January I submitted an application to join the Air-force to become a trained Communications & IT Officer, hoping I could bypass having to obtain a university education and be in a career that could take me places in the IT sector.  I appeared to be the perfect applicant, passed the aptitude test, had my first interview, fitness was up to scratch, and a medical review.  The application failed with the medical review, I have hypothyroidism which let me down as I have to take daily dose of medication to remain healthy/alive.  I’d been pretty pumped and set to change my life before receiving the bad news on my failed application.  Even 3 months on I still wish things hadn’t turned out this way.  I’ve spoken to natropaths and doctors about taking myself off my current medication and trying an alternative.  After a blood test and 2 weeks off my medications as a trial suggested by my doctor to ‘see’ how my body would react, and then another blood test… it wasn’t a good experience being off my medication.  My body can’t produce the required T3 level I need to survive, and natural alternatives could take, months to years to become effective enough to maintain my health. Screw that, I want to climb Everest this year.

5 weeks ago I started a new role, in a different department of the hospital I work at.  I feel it’s been a good move to obtain more skills, network, and may open up opportunities to more management roles in workplace.  I’m left with a few options regarding what to do next, I’m currently study a Diploma of Management, which can help assist me with upcoming management positions and I can search and apply for management/supervisor roles as they become available. I may not up and quit my job like I had intended, I’m defiantly heading in the right direction.

2. Complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon – 1.5km Swim/40km Ride / 10km Run – Sunday, March 17th, I completed the Mooloolaba Triathlon, an event I spent a 6 months training for, it paid off.  I crossed the finish line in 3hrs, 30mins.  The first few weeks after the event I felt really down about my finish time, even though it’s a new Personal Best for this distance, and I can always do better next year.  I had some difficulties with the swim having the wave behind me swim over me pushing me under the water and swallowing a good mouthful of water.  Lifesaver’s where their to assist me and I continued racing after recovering.  my fear of the water is back as a consequence, but I’ll work on this again next triathlon season. The next fitness goal I have for the year is a half-marathon on 7th of July.

The training however has encouraged me to continue with triathlon at a Sprint Distance level and work on my speed in all legs.  I spent a good part of the 6 months before hand very focused on my fitness, with my social life coming to a complete stop at times due to exhaustion, and lack of time between training, work and sleeping.  However, the training happened at a time of my life when I lost someone important to me, grandma.  At times I could literally hug my training schedule for keeping my mind focused and distracted on something else other than the pain and grief I was feeling inside. Most of 2012 was a pretty awful and emotional year for me.  I am now making the time to see my friends and family more often which has brought a lot of joy back into my life.

3. Hike to Mt Everest Base Camp – Yep, I’m not climbing to the summit, just 5364m of 8848m. It’s just over half way!  I’ve booked flights, accommodation, hiking tour group and a relaxing stay upon my return afterwards.  I leave Brisbane on the 3rd of September, purchased $400 worth of warm cloths and trekking items. Fitness routine has begun with weekend hikes around Mt Cootha until the other QLD/NSW hiking areas are reopened to the public again (damn continuing storms).  I’m super hyped about the trip, 136 days left!

4. Fall in love – I think I’ve dated 5 guys this year, one looked like it was going somewhere until I just decided one day I wasn’t interested anymore and ended things with a phone call.  When I made the list, I knew this would be the hardest one to achieve.  I can go for weeks without wanting a partner, then I have a moment here and their where I’m over being single and I ask the world “where is he already? I’ve been dating since I was 14!“, urges normally influence it though.  It’s not the typical ‘I’m turning 30‘ soon, I’m still single that has me wanting a partner.  I’m not obsessed with the idea of getting married, and having a family anytime soon.  I want to meet someone special, who will be a lifelong companion, friend and lover too me. Everything else will fall into place if its meant too.  I’m going to enjoy my life whether I have someone in it or not, I feel life’s just better living and sharing it with someone else who’s close to your heart.

5. Alway’s say Yes to opportunities – Some things I’ve said yes to this year are, date invitations, offer of money to buy a car, spur of the moment invitations (which I normally would dislike…a lot), my current job, joined a Pilates class, concerts, weekends away with family and friends.  It’s a never-ending list of saying yes to living… even though I have said no to a couple of date invites, I have no regrets.

Mars xo