Old Photographs

Do you ever look at old photographs of your life and reminisce.  This might even be triggering for some people who may have been abused or ill as a child or happy for those whose illness hadn’t begun in those years.  The good, the bad and the in between.

I have been looking at photographs from 2009 – to present on my hard drive, I look so innocent and eager about life… Unaware how life would turn for the worst… then the for the better… and continue down a pathway I couldn’t have imagined.

I began looking at these photographs as my mother required 30 photos of myself to add to a ‘Birth to Present’ Photobook she is compiling of my brother and I.  I haven’t looked at my childhood photos for a very long time until mother sat me down to show the Photobook’s progress.  I remembered some of these photos, from when I was a child, when they were taken, posing for some of these shots.  I didn’t say it, though I was proud my mother had left out the many years when I was a very unwell child. A 6 year gap between primary school and my year 12 Formal photos.  Seeing photos from those years causes pain, I don’t look at them or allow family to display them from my childhood.

Looking at old photographs can bring so many feelings to the surface; regret, excitement, remorse, sadness, fits of giggles, and the many, many stories that go along with each and everyone of them.