My First Car Was Red

We all remember our first. Car, I mean. Mine, for the record, is a 2013 Mitsubishi Mirage ES Hatchback. Purchased for me with the help of my mother, grandfather and great aunt.

It’s everything I want — cute, affordable, bluetooth, steering wheel controls, drink holders, a visor mirror, approved by my mother and, most importantly, it’s a car. That’s all I really care about.

We buy cars with our hearts, not our minds, and we may end up owning dozens of them, but that first one is a big experience. And sometimes it gets to our deep-rooted experiences and beliefs.

I drove my first 100km this weekend in what I’ve nicknamed Xavier. Mums had a drive, we’ve been to the movies, a friends place, breakfast at Wilston Village, lunch at Vinnies Cafe, visited the aquarium to buy a new fighter fish, a drive around Brisbane’s CBD. Even the dogs have enjoyed a backseat road trip.

I’ve placed a few of my more quirky toys in Xavier, it has a shelf above the glovebox that is now holding a Pokeball and Pokemon Turtwig. Pikachu is hanging from the passenger size sun-visor, and a penguin is sitting in the back seat, for fun… You know…. I’m a little girly….

I paid the car insurance, placed the car mats and put $15 in the tank. Something I always feel a bit ‘unsure’ about doing, maybe it’s because I’ve never actually been shown how to fill a tank. I watched half a YouTube clip…. once.

Xavier and I have many new memories to create together, many roads to drive and adventures to be had.


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