I like you a lot

I have some thoughts and feelings and well, mostly I have a lot of feelings about how much I adore the character of Nick Miller on the TV show New Girl and I need to express them.

Jess and Nick kissed.

And they didn’t just indulge in a tasteful peck, either. It was an insanely passionate, fantastically romantic, soul devouring, heart exploding kiss. I would say it’s pretty much the greatest kiss that’s ever been shown on television, it made me feel like I hadn’t been kissed correctly in my life.

That was a really great kiss and Nick Miller is hot.

I mean, Jake Johnson is obviously an adorably scruffy dreamboat and a hilariously intuitive comic performer, which means that by default, Nick Miller is an adorably scruffy hilarious dreamboat. Add to that the fact that Nick is an old curmudgeon in a young man’s body. I know it sounds weird, but there’s something about a grumpy young man that I find adorable. Also, Nick drinks out of thermoses in fancy restaurants and he looks equally great in ladies’ trench coats and dudes’ zip up hoodies. Oh, and he’s writing a zombie novel. Like, all of those things might sound weird individually, but add them all together and you’re kind of describing my dream (totally wrong for me) guy.

But most importantly, he really cares about Jess. Since the beginning of the series, he’s gone out of his way to prop Jess up when she’s feeling bad. He thinks about her feelings. He worries about her. He gets frustrated with her when she makes poor choices. He’s happy for her when she’s happy. It gets to a point when Winston has to pull him aside and warn him that he might be Jess’s “emotional fluffer”. The problem is that Nick can’t help but to care about Jess because he’s a decent, stand-up dude and it would seem that he loves her.

Because that’s what love actually is. I mean sure, it can explode in incredible kisses or be about roses and champagne and fancy, flirty dinners, but true love is quieter. Love isn’t about an exciting kiss as much as it’s about caring about someone and being cared about in return. You want the best for that person and they want the best for you. That’s true love.

And if you also get explosive kisses out of it? Then it’s a true romance.

But Nick miller is the type of guy to kiss a girl (Jess) and not step up to the plate of taking things further with her. In the most recent episode of New Girl “TinFinity”, were Nick and Schmidt celebrate their decade-long friendship with a party, while Winston and Jess have their own dilemma as they both compete for the affection of football start Jax McTavish. Nick’s stance is to pretend it (the kiss) meant nothing, convince the girl (Jess) it meant nothing to her, and continue to look across the room from his Bar, longingly at her when she speaks to other men.

Speaking of Jess, she brings to the forefront i this episode her feelings for Nick to Cece, and how she needs the Anit-Nick-Miller. ‘A real man who can express his feelings.’

That is what I want. A guy who can tell me how he feels. A guy who can say ‘I like you a lot’. It doesn’t matter if we’ve never been on a first date, or after several dates. It’s the feeling of knowing that the guy standing in front of you, saying these words is being honest with himself and to you about how much he likes and cares for you.

Your bound to have an explosive kiss after this.