I hate missing someone, who I don’t want to miss.


Don’t you just hate the feeling of missing someone? Whether it’s an ex best friend or an ex from a relationship.  Missing them when you don’t want to is the hardest part.

Especially when I’ve planned to just date around (not sleep around) and see if I can meet a perfect match.  Am I just having commitment issues?  But if I have commitment issues, why am I missing someone right now?

I found some of my old journal entries this week, re-reading them brought a lot of great memories back, that make me smile, that same type of smile I use to get when I would receive a text message from them.  And I find it kind of silly that after so long, that I still smile that way about them, I still miss them, I may even still love them.   I’ve had to hold back from contacting them. I’m not one to sit around with emotions and not express them to the person I have them about.

Being strong, I give myself some time to re-think the after effects of contacting them, and it’s really not worth the pain or discussion that would be had, in the end would it even be worth my while? Most probably not.

It’s ok to miss someone, even when you shouldn’t, sometimes its just those special memories that you wish you could keep having with that person that makes you miss them most.  I’ll find a new special someone to create just as many wonderful memories with one day.