Good Morning 2013 – Stand Up! We’re going on an adventure!

I'm going on an Adventure!

You may have noticed I disappeared for roughly two weeks. I took a step back from the computer screen for some time away.  I’ve spent time with my family at Bribie Island, celebrated Christmas (Merry Christmas!), continued triathlon training, socialised with my friends, and watched many movies at home or on the big screen, many reviews to write this week.

I didn’t drink, party or stay up last night for New Year’s Eve, instead I went to bed just after 10pm, enjoyed a date night with a girlfriend driving around Brisbane for dinner, dessert and a view of Brisbane and the early 8:30pm fireworks from Mt Cootha, coming home to watch a chick flick together.

Today we all wake up to a New Year, 2013. I’ve had an overly positive excitement about the new year beginning. I decided this year is about adventure, not just holiday adventures, every day adventures, changing my career adventures, and discovering as many new interests and people as possible.

My adventure starts today with a large amount of blogging, sorting paperwork out for an upcoming interview this month that will be the beginning of one of the many adventures 2013 will bring.  It’s adventure preparation!

Adventure comes from being open, trusting your intuition, and listening to the voices that say, “It’s okay to jump on a motor bike!”.  Adventures can be as simple as trying a new sport, flavour of ice cream, running/riding around different streets, even…. watching a scary movie!

Wishing my followers, 365 chances to love, laugh, and live adventures during your best year yet, 2013!