So I had a bad day…


Nothing seemed to go quite right. Everyone and everything feels a bit off. Feelings of frustration, resentment, and discomfort raised to the surface. In the middle of it, I was finding it terribly hard to shake off a bad day.

So, yesterday I had a bad day.  It felt unusual and strange as it’s been some time since I’ve had a bad day.  All my best practices including blogging about loving life has given me a wonderful gift of mostly great days. (Yes, its possible to have a great day almost every day).  Yesterday just wasn’t one of those ‘great days’.

For me to be able to rise above the bad day I was having, I requested an extra two days of annual leave from work for me to be separated from the main source of my frustrations, and be able to be stress free at home without all the endless gossip and whispers at work about the recent job losses constantly in my ears and work email inbox.

However, even a positive attitude and best life practices don’t banish the occasional bad day. (Maybe that’s even okay. Maybe the bad days make the good days just a little bit better.)

So there I was, having a bad day. I was in a pile of dirt. I was getting rubbed the wrong way. A series of situations didn’t go my way as I had planned, but isn’t that living life. Nobody really lives a charmed life, do they?

I actually thought I was once living a charmed life, I’ve been saving for a home, a stable job that I enjoyed, travelling the world, living with my mother, spending every day with my puppy, discovering who are my Best Friends.

On December 4th, I found out about my job being combined with another admin role, myself and another employee would be proceeding through a merit process in January 2013 to take ownership of the role.  On one hand, I personally think I have an 80% chance of obtaining the new position, I’m confident about it.  On the other hand, I’ve realised what has happened may not really be such a bad thing.  I’ve umm’ed and arrrhh’ed about the direction of my admin career for a very long time.  I mostly stayed because the work suits my organised and process developing personality, which by way of default I find the work really easy, I get paid a decent wage, I live close to work, I have an amazing work/life balance and I can take annual leave anytime I want too.  Why would anyone want to lose this lifestyle?

So having lived a ‘charmed life’ over the last 2+ years, the experiences I have had, I discovered I have grown into the person I want to be, now might be a great time to change my career direction.  On December 5th, I made the first steps booking an appointment to discuss the possibilities of my future career.

I feel conflicted about the choice, as my new planned career means I will give up the above work/life balance I have achieved.  I also realise that going down this career path will require me to move away from home and my family for lengthy periods of time. I will most likely have to give up on my planned holiday adventures to Thailand, Malaysia and Mt Everest Base Camp in 2013. My fitness goals may be interrupted for the next two years depending on my whereabouts.  I still plan to complete the Olympic Distance Triathlon in late March, but the Half-Marathon in July may have to wait for another year, I wish deep down, it won’t have too.

So for whatever reason, I was having a bad day.

By the middle of the bad day the best I could do is get through it, though of course that’s usually easier said than done.  Sometimes I can even make a bad day great. If nothing else I had a great day today.


Note: I’d like to say thank-you to Philip for reaching out to me today and inviting me to read some of his thoughts about life, your words helped me realise why today I feel so much better than yesterday. xo