I’m Grumpy

It’s just one of those mornings where I feel grumpy.  I woke up this morning to Brisbane being 26 degrees at 5am, the temperature has only risen since.

And I weighed myself this morning, no change.  I can only blame myself and the food I’ve consumed.

And my knee hurts from doing a 45 min ride and 3 km run this morning.

And I’ve had massive daily headaches for nearly 3 weeks.

And I have spent most of today at work crying, about everything on this list.

And I’ve realized I’m very stressed out, and unsure about what to do about it.

And I have to come to work for the next 3 days to a job that I may not even be employed by in a months time.

And I am worried about my family, being our first Christmas together without Grandma.

And I feel like I had to be mean/firm to a friend today to get a point across, surely they will understand.

And I can’t deal with anyone Else’s problems right now at work.  Go ask someone else how to use an excel spreadsheet.

And it’s only 11.26 am, why is today not going faster? Stupid clocks.

And I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but I wish I could because making this list is making me less grumpy.  Kind of.

Thanks for reading.