Bribie Island Triathlon Race Report, Sunday 9 December 2012

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Extended Sprint Distance 1km/29km/8km – 9 December 2012

Here I am again, the Bribie Island triathlon.  I’ve completed 3-4 weeks of training since arriving back from Singapore, staying at my grandfather’s house on the island with mum.  Today will be the first time I’ve used nutrition during a race, other than sports drink.

Event Day:

Rising with the Sun at 4:30am, I lay in bed until 5am before having a shower.  Will arrives at 5.15am, he is my personal photographer for the day, pictures are supplied by Will.S.  Collecting my gear bag from my bedroom and bike in the garage we walk over to the transition area.  Entered transition to set up. Checked. Double Checked.  Alright I’m set. Oh Sh#t! I forgot something…. my asthma puffer for during the race.

Now flustered, I walk back to grandads (thankful he lives close by), grab my puffer, put it into transition. Now I have everything sorted.  Marked with Race number and Age category, we walk back to the house to eat breakfast before returning at 7am.

I realized I had slept pretty well all night, I did feel nervous about the event, and it was really nice to be doing this event where my friend Will and mum are coming along to watch me.  I’m also excited to be having my event photographed today.

I eat my normal Weetbix with milk, honey and a banana for breakfast, apply sunscreen and give Will a bag of my items I will need after the race. Will walks with me to the swim start line which seems like a hike to the woods and back.

Swim Leg – 1000m (0:17:57):

I’m in wave 7, it’s a beach start and I’m in the water by 8am, the water is cold!  Swimming 2nd last in the wave, out to sea around the first floating buoy, I realized I wasn’t nervous at all.  I was swimming as though I was in the local pool, 4 strokes for each breath, keeping my lower body up, sighting the upcoming buoys as they appeared, I’m still a slow swimmer.  Normally during a race I freak out in the first 100 m’s and my concentration on technique floats away.  The HRM alerts of the 500m mark, I’m half way 7 minutes in, and then…. Jelly Fish stung me on the right side of my waist.  In a moment, I’ve screamed, jumped straight up out of the water, hit the surface and swimming one-armed while I rub at the pain coming from my waist.  It itches like crazy, my minds set to continue this race, I begin swimming with both arms between scratching the itch.  Another few minutes go past and I can see other swimmers turning to swim to shore, I join them. Loosing concentration on the actual direction I was meant to swim I’ve traveled out to sea a fair bit during the jelly fish incident, an extra 200m. I’ve reached the shoreline and the sting appeared to be easing during the further 7 minutes in the ocean.

I’ve never been stabbed with a knife before, but I’m sure it’s the same pain I felt when I exited the water.  I’ve never shouted out the F word so loud in my life, the pain of the air and sun hitting the sting was incredible.  I stopped to ask an official if I required medical assistance after a jelly fish sting, his advice was only if I’m not able to proceed, it was my call.  I decided to continue, I still had a 50-100 metre run to transition, if I couldn’t make it that far then I’d pull out.

Transition 1:

It’s my 2nd race using clip in shoes for the bike leg.  This time I remembered to undo the Velcro straps on my shoes for them to be open, ready and waiting.  Lip Smacker in sports bar, moistener on my face, Sunglasses and Helmet, and sweat band. I’m Ready, I’m in pain!  Running out of transition, I make it to the mount sign, clipping in my right shoe took 5 attempts, I couldn’t focus on my footing, the stinging pain at my waist, finally it clips and I push-off to start the 29km Ride.

Bike Leg – 29km (01:05:20 – includes 2 transitions)

The Bribie bike course is a zig-zag masterpiece of 3 laps.  I completed the first two laps of the ride around the course, the 3rd lap tested my patience, I began feeling irritated by all the corners, breaking on and off continually. My speed would reach 30-33 kph again, then I’m having to break or stop peddling to turn, back down to 25 kph.  “Please give me a straight road” I mutter to myself.  Being the first race I try out nutrition I have a berry flavored Gel and honey to eat while riding, while drowning down 700 ml of sports drinks before the upcoming run.  I’ve never really eaten food while riding this bike, it involved a lot more concentration then I first thought, (lets just say I nearly swerved into someone while trying to open the Gel).  After the first lap the jelly fish sting faded with the howling wind bowling against my skin.  Riding towards the beloved dismount sign I slowed down and un-clipped one shoe while still rotating the other foot, I dismounted perfectly and ran into transition. Completed the course in around 1 hour.


Transition 2:

I enter the transition for the final time, running with Swift. Throw my helmet to the ground, take off my cycle shoes and put on my Nike’s, hat, asthma puffer in one hand and water bottle in the other. I’m OFF! As I exit transition I wave to my friend Will.

Run Leg – 8km (00:47:02)

The Bribie Island run course is pretty easy-going being a 3 laps course along the footpath next to the bike course.  What I like most is the course is quiet shady with the trees around you for most of it.   At the 4km mark the HMR altered me at being half way, I felt pretty confident with my time doing average of 6 minutes per 1 km.  I knew I would beat my estimated PB for this distance. At the 5km mark I did start to feel tired, and wish I had brought some honey along for the run, with 3 km remaining I figured there is only 15-17 minutes left of the race… I’ll still make it without.  I run across the finishing line with a final time of 2:10:20.  I’m extremely happy with my time, today’s race was about completing, going the new distances and obtaining a brand new PB for myself.  I’ve never had so much fun!

Nutrition and Recovery:

Being my first longer distance race, a friend suggested to take some nutrition onto the course (1 gel, 1 honey, 1 sports drinks, 1 water).  It’s was the best advice, having the fuel while on the move kept me going.  I wish I had taken in more liquids before, during and after the race, even a bigger breakfast than my daily norm may have assisted.  I raced on Sunday and today (Thursday), I feel I am starting to recover from the event.  Leading up to the next 3 triathlon’s before Mooloolabah in late March 2013 I plan to work hard on nutrition and recovery plans to assure that not only do I have a fantastic race, but the days that follow are not a nightmare on my body.


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