Triathlon Training – Week Two – Having a JFDI Attitude!


Warning! This post contains a naughty word. This one starts with F, and ends with K. But it’s a relevant story –

Avid readers this week read about the situation regard my employment.  I’ve had stressful moments leading up to this weekends longest triathlon distance on Sunday, 9 December 2012.  I have been looking forward to the event for many weeks now, and at times I didn’t feel up to the training over the last few days.  I applied the JFDI, “Just Fucking Do It” attitude, referring to the usual procrastination found within ones self to find 101 reasons not to do something.  I wasn’t about to let a bad situation get me down, and stop myself from completing my required training.

In motivating myself to exercise, my approach is: when you wake up at 5 am for a run, and it’s dark and cold and I’m persuading myself to get back into bed, I don’t.  Instead, JFDI, and make a deal with myself. Just commit to exercising for 10 minutes. If after that time you still don’t feel like doing it, then return home and put the kettle on.  I’ve never even once come home and put the kettle on.   Once I start, I complete 10 minutes and I’m on a roll, I keep going.

Moment like these are when I just have to pull out the JDFI attitude and JFDI. I reckon if I don’t pull this one out once in a while for a workout then I’m not working myself hard enough!

Week Two Training Completed:

  • Monday – Weights Session
  • Tuesday – Run Session 40 minutes (skipped afternoon swim due to work news)
  • Wednesday – Cycle (30 minutes) run off bike (2.75 km)
  • Thursday – Weights Session, Swim 1.3km @ 200 m laps
  • Friday – Run Session 30 minutes
  • Saturday – Cycle (30 minutes) run off bike (2 km)
  • Sunday – Bribie Triathlon – 1 km Swim / 29km Ride / 8km Run

SURPRISE! I completed my triathlon training! By using JFDI – every-time that voice inside your head says, “do it later”. Say out-loud “JFDI!”   Give it a go. It works!