Stuck in the Cross-hair


I’ve tried to open this post in a witty way… the reality is, there isn’t anything funny, exciting or great news to say here.

Today my departments Manager and Director sat me down at a round table, in a private office to discuss my future within our department.  Our Director doesn’t ask much of me, when he asked me to come speak with him for a moment… I knew it wasn’t going to be good news, especially considering the recent job loss announcements yesterday.

My role and another in our team are going to be combined into one role.  It’s a decision forced upon my managers from higher up in order to save money.  The process of combining the roles involves us both being interviewed for the combined role, the decision will be made for one of us to stay, and the other goes with either a redundancy package or other options to be discussed.

Tomorrow, I’m informed will be a meeting with a Human Resource representative, my Director and whomever I wish to come along with me (Union representative, friend, line manager etc.)

After the meeting, I called my mother first in a burst of tears.  She’s away on vacation at the Gold Coast currently and is coming back to Brisbane tonight to attend the meeting with me and HR tomorrow.  I’m relieved she will be my support during a challenging time.

I’ve already been searching and applying  for other permanent roles within Queensland, yes… the whole of Queensland.  Having had my day turned upside down, I realized the positives to what could be a bad outcome.  While I am searching and applying for positions over the coming months, I may land my dream job location up or down one of Queensland’s coasts, jobs I had stopped applying for when I obtained my current position.

Then, if I do end up unsuccessful after the interview process is complete in January 2013, I will be able to focus on my graphic novel, triathlon training and continue to live at home with mum while applying for job, after job, after job.

For what will be a trying time for myself over the coming months, I am able to see the positives, the negatives and the possible outcomes of both.

I would like to say a big thank you to family and friends for the support given to me.

Mars xoxo

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