Triathlon Training – Week One – Finding Balance


Over the last few months I’ve been traveling through Asia and had some, much-needed downtime from my normal everyday life.

I feel like I write about this a lot here, I’m striving to find balance that is a constant when one is trying to be social with friends, work my day job and being a triathlete . Or, at least, it is a constant for me.

Recently, I visited Singapore and was able to really slow down and relax for the first time in a long while.  I may have been a busy tourist on adventures each day, it felt relaxing being away from my normal home life routine.

It’s funny/obvious how getting away from my regular day-to-day life helped me gain some perspective on things. Mainly this: it helped me see how lucky I am. How I love living in Brisbane. I love that I am surrounded by creative and amazing individuals. I love my family, my dog Cooper, and I kinda even like mum’s dog Ollie these days… Maybe.

Upon getting back though, I knew I had some big decisions and commitments to make for myself. I have a list of goals to achieve and hobbies I want to focus on over the next 8  months:

  1. Triathlon & Mt Everest Training;
  2. Further workplace education;
  3. Graphic novel;
  4. Mars on Life Blog;
  5. Social commitments to friends and family.

Which brings me back to how I opened this post: balance. I feel like these decisions I have made are going to sincerely test my balancing skills.

The last week tested my commitment: training, spending time on hobbies,my job, seeing friends after work, sleeping 7-8 hours, my energy levels and the determination to balance everything I wanted to do in the 168 hours we get each week was challenging, but I did it all with the assistance of iCal tracking every moment of my day.

Week One Training Completed:

  • Monday – Weights Session
  • Tuesday – Run Session 40 minutes
  • Wednesday – Cycle (40 minutes) run off bike (2km)
  • Thursday – Weights Session, Swim 1.5km @ 200 m laps.
  • Friday – Run Session 50 minutes
  • Saturday – Bike Ride to Redcliffe with Will
  • Sunday – Hike up Mt Cootha with Emma – 8km, 5km run, walk to and from pool (2.5km each way), Swim 1.5km @ 200 m Laps.

I found a balance between all my daily tasks, keeping a balanced life style will be an enormous change for me with the increase of training over the coming months.

I already feel I am in the best shape of my life which keeps me loaded with energy daily, I don’t know which challenge I am more excited about, fitting everything I choose to do into each day, or Mooloolabah Triathlon.


Photos Provided by Will.S.