Bribie Island Triathlon Race Report, Sunday 14 October 2012

Sprint Distance 750m/20km/5km – 14 October 2012

The two weeks that I had to train after returning from China….. were not used….. to …. ummm ….train…..much.  I returned from China feeling extremely jet lagged, and had picked up some type of head-cold/cough 3 days before departing China, which made the flights back home to Australia long, and miserable. I had been taking cold and flu medication for 2-3 weeks after arriving home, and after the Bribie triathlon it developed into bronchitis.


  • Visited the Newmarket Pool on 5 occasions for 30 minute swimming sessions, which amount to 1.2 km worth of laps.
  • A ride around the River Loop with my new bike clip-ins (several times I fell off my bike) and caused a small stress in my right.
  • I went to run 5km two days before the event, only achieving 2km due to an asthma attack and coughing fits from feeling unwell.
  • Walked the dogs several days to at least be doing some form of exercise.

Event Day:

Alarm at 5.15am, I rose out of bed and went straight to the shower.  Dressed into my race cloths, picked up the backpack with my triathlon gear. An out the door with my bike by 5.30am.  Lined up to collect my race number, entered transition setting up my bike, and had a quick chat with a law student racking next to me. Checked. Double Checked.  Alright I’m set.

Swift Set up with Race Gear

Walking back to my granddad’s house on Bribie Island, located within 2 minutes walking distance from the event grounds.  I realised I had slept well all night, I didn’t feel nervous about the event, and it was really nice to be doing this event where my mother, brother and granddad are coming along to watch me.  I’m also excited to be using my new Garmin HRM and clip in bike shoes for the first time in a triathlon today.

I have Weetbix with milk, honey and a banana for breakfast, apply sunscreen and give mum a bag of my items I will need after the race, including my digital camera. Mum walks with me to the swim start line.  I’m in wave 7 , and I’m in the water by 8am, it’s extremely cold from a few days of storms and cold weather during the week.

Swim Start: I’m the one waving

Swim Leg – 750m (0:15:38):

Everyone knows the swim isn’t my strongest leg of the race.  I felt confident with the sessions completed at the pool.

Then the race began.  I fell back into old habits of breathing every 2nd stroke (instead of 4th), I kept allowing my lower body to fall, not keeping my back and bum straight against the water’s surface.  Slowly I swam, to the back of pack, gasping for air that didn’t taste like salt water. The usual thought ‘Just keep swimming’ comes to mind.  My HRM alerted me to the half way point just under the Bribie Bridge.  I started sighting more often, swam around the last orange market and made my way to the shore line fighting against the strong current.  I run out of the water, seeing my mother and brother waving at me, flashing a smile I continue the 100m run towards the transition area.

Transition 1:

It’s my first race using clip in shoes for the bike leg, I thought it was going to be more interesting to say the least.  When in fact the only issue I had forgot to undo the Velcro straps on my shoes for them to be open, ready and waiting, this led to seconds wasted (10-15 seconds) putting the chip in shoes on. Rookie mistake!

Lip Smacker in sports bar, moistener on my face, Sunglasses and Helmet, and Don’t Give Up sweat band, I’m Ready!  Running out of transition a bit slower than normal with the clip in’s on, I make it to the mount sign, clip one shoe in and push-off to start my 20km Ride.

Bribie Bike Course

Bike Leg – 20km (00:46:13 – includes 2 transitions)

The Bribie bike course is a zig-zag masterpiece with 2 laps.  Training on a wind-training I’ll can sit on 35-39kph comfortably. This course I ride around at 30-33kph around the turning points, and 35-37kph on the straights.  I wasn’t out to break any records today on the bike course, I wanted to make sure with clip in’s I was confident enough riding around a course with several other people on it.  Riding towards the dismount and exit point I slowed down and un-clipped one shoe while still rotating the other foot, I dismounted perfectly and ran into transition (I can’t say that about the guy in front of me falling off his bike clipped in). Completed the course in around 40 minutes.

Transition 2:

I enter the transition for the final time, running with Swift carefully in my shoes placing her on the rack. Throw my helmet to the ground, take off my cycle shoes and put on my Nike’s, hat, asthma puffer in one hand and water bottle in the other. I’m OFF! As I exit transition I wave my mother and brother who are mesmerized by the participants.

Crossing the Finish line!

Run Leg – 5km (00:28:16)

I love the Run, the Bribie Island run course is pretty easy-going being a two lap course along the footpath next to the bike course for 2.5km.  What I like most is the course is quiet shady with the trees around you for most of it.  The shade assisted me, having been sick since my return from China, and haven’t not done any running training, I spent the race with very heavy loud breathing – ‘in and out’ I would think to myself.  After 2.5km the HMR altered me at being half way, I felt pretty confident with my time and effort today, I knew I wouldn’t beat my PB: Bribie Sprint Distance time of 01:28:50.  I run across the finishing line with a final time of 01:30:08, honestly I’m super happy with this time, today’s race was more about adjusting my race style to suit my new equipment, and crossing the finish line while sick, (I then had a week off work with bronchitis, yep, I was really sick…oops).

After the race with my mother and brother


P.s. Sorry for the lateness of this post, I’ve got this thing called a life… outside of triathlon and blogging 😛