Say ‘Sorry’…

Recently, I’ve had a life experience which I wish I could pretend was just a bad dream, that it never happened, but it did happen, me and my body were disrespected by someone.

At my own pace I am coming to terms with what happened.  I know it wasn’t my fault and I remind myself of this each day. I have friends and family support around me, everyone’s been really understanding. I’ve realised it could have happened to anyone.  But most of all… I just want to hear them say the word ‘Sorry‘ to me.

I’d like them to take responsibility for their actions, saying sorry doesn’t change what’s been said or done. Saying sorry doesn’t take away the hurt that I am feeling.  But saying sorry is an acknowledgement, an acceptance that what has happened was wrong And SOMETIMES that can make all the difference.

I believe in saying, ‘sorry’. Telling someone you are sorry and genuinely meaning it is lifting a burden from that person. Allowing them to move forward without that feeling that somehow it’s their fault that they deserved to be hurt.

Being sorry is important for you, telling someone you are sorry is important for them.  I’ll never be afraid to say I’m sorry and I’ll always feel sad for those who don’t value it’s importance.

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