I’m waving Goodbye to Facebook.

Let’s get something straight: This is not a Facebook hate post.  That being said, I’m sick of Facebook.

I first joined Facebook, like everyone else to stay in contact with a group of friends. I ranted, I shared, I expressed myself, I shouted, I giggled over Facebook.  I would hate to sum up all the hours I have spent on Facebook; probably enough to accomplish some amazing project like finally learning to juggle five balls. Its utility and benefit are unquestioned.

Then the high school acquaintances, professional connections and more distant family members found me. I made a decision early on to keep professional contacts off Facebook, not accept friend requests from high school friends, and also to never add my mother and father.  I’m glad I did so, but my posts became more and more filtered as the “Friend” list increased to 100+.  My closer friends were still catching the true story through blogging, instant messaging, SMS, email and phone calls.  Now I keep a small list of 30+ friends, I like those people a lot, and I like it that way.

Facebook became a way to enhance our communication rather than replace it at first. I felt connected to my friends and enjoyed reading their posts about what they were doing, seeing pictures of what they were eating and in general experiencing their lives with them. The great part, we all commented back and forth on each other’s updates and photos. Our conversations spilled over from real life and into the digital realm. All in all, we grew closer as the vines of our lives intertwined and grew closer together, using Facebook as the connector.

Then something changed for me.I can’t place all the blame on my friends. The Facebook algorithms priorities who’s in my Newsfeed and now it’s filled with likes, re-shares and fluff.  Instead of seeing real updates from my friends, I see content that doesn’t even remotely relate or interest me.

Then theirs the way we appear to be using and sharing on Facebook lately.  In the last few months I’ve seen a long stream of negativity being posted, passive aggressive status updates, friends are having disagreements through status posts, pictures people share are more negative about recent news events, our political system, love, people, the global financial crisis.  I’m not sure if it’s because the way the world is turning, with worldwide job looses, political leaders of nations not being respected like they once were, or being able to share so much about ourselves over a Newsfeed. Maybe Facebook isn’t that healthy a thing to be using each day.

Facebook is also making my life less personal.  Example: A  conversing with a friend, I start to share a story I’d earlier posted on Facebook.   Instead, he cuts me short: “Yeah, I saw your post on Facebook.” And that was it. No dialog, no joy at conversing with each other. I’m guilty, I’ve done it too, but I don’t like doing it. I love to talk and share my daily experience’s with my friends on a personal conversation level.

So I made the decision, I no longer want to spend time on Facebook, instead I will share via my Blog, Twitter, phone calls, email, SMS, and some of these means will post to Facebook on my behalf, I wont actually be logging into Facebook.  I want us to talk. I want a personal email. I want to find a way to share photos in a way that encourages us to talk about them with each other.  I want to chat over sushi about the random events and cry together over wine when heartbreak attacks.  In short, I want my friends back.

So do you want to get in touch with me? Want to be friends? Shoot me an email, SMS or leave a comment here, let’s have a real conversation. Goodbye Facebook — it’s been “fun.”


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