The Beauty of the Sky

I realized a while ago that I have for too long taken the sky for granted.  When I started becoming more interested in traveling the world, I started to really take a good look at what I saw.  What I saw, what I see often amazes me.  What a wonderful view the sky has to offer us from all over the world.  From the clear blue day to the dark stormy nights, she dresses herself in breathtaking wardrobes.  Essentially, I started looking up and paying attention.  Try it sometime.

Yangzi River Sun through the Haze of Pollution
Skyline in Shanghai
Sky landing over Hong Kong
Lanterns at Southbank Markets
Supanova Line at the Gold Coast
7am from my Baloney at work in Herston, the Moon is still in the Sky
Mooloolabah Beach before a Triathlon
Pacific Ocean view from the Cruise Boat
Boats at Manley Beach
Great Wall of China

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