Don’t Believe in Hope

I don’t actually believe in hope. I think, hope is a very, very, very bad thing. Because hope, what it really means, what it really is, is a longing for a future condition over which I have no agency. Hope is something you have when you identify as powerless, as the victim.

At times this year I have held hope in my heart and hands, and prayed to God to listen to me and give me what I have asked for, to save a life, to bring someone back, to give me another chance at a mistake I’ve made.

Then, I forced hope from my heart, thrown a rock of hope into the ocean to sink and never be seen again. I started to re-believe that only ‘I’ can make the future I want for myself, the best way I can predict my future is to create it myself.

Hope is a prison.  Hoping achieves nothing. Hope is putting faith in superstition.  Quit wasting your time sitting around and hoping for something to happen.  Just go out and do it.

If you want something, manifest it.  Set your intent, focus your mind and do it.  Don’t Hope.  Believe!  Believe that you are capable. Believe that you can do that thing you want to do.  Don’t just think about it.  Will it into being.  Will it into existence by doing the work that’s necessary.