Some Serious Relaxing

I’m sitting in my chair at work and wonder what the hell I’m doing here.  I don’t feel any urge or ambition to do anything work related.  Surfing the internet is causing even more frustration.  I don’t think I feel depressed, I want to get up and leave and not come back today.

I have other interests on my mind, other things I would prefer to be attending to.  Having been off work sick on and off last week with the almighty flu, I am more interested in being outside in the sun tanning, going for a run, a swim, walk the dogs, or having a picnic.

I feel in need of a holiday, I have one coming up in 39 days, but what to do in the meantime?…..

……Some Serious Relaxing……

About two months ago I spent a long weekend at Bribie Island with a girlfriend, and we seriously relaxed all weekend to the point of not doing much but watch TV, cuddle up on the couches, eat and sleep.  Also helped that it rained non-stop that weekend.

With a week of Sunshine predicted for Brisbane, and very few social engagements on my calendar, it’s the perfect time to do some serious relaxing after work each day.

Exercise My Way To Tranquillity

Exercise is obviously a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind.  Returning to my training program today by starting week 3 after 10 days off training due to the flu.  Today’s session: Running! Thinking about going for a run this afternoon is getting me pumped.  Since I started Triathlons I’ve found I’m the type of person who suffers regret and annoyance at myself when I miss a training session due to social engagements, being sick or a hangover from the few night’s I have been out drinking lately.  I beat myself up mentally about not training daily.  When I do train daily, I feel awesome mentally, unstoppable, fitter and my confidence explodes, (beyond the norm).

Get The Best Sleep Of My Life

Napping is, of course, one of my favourite ways to relax.  I love to complete a training session come home, shower and nap.  That’s the plan for this week, to nap after training in the afternoons.  Yesterday afternoon I visited Southbank to lay on the grass by the beach and read, I came home feeling sleepy from the sun and napped for about 2 hours with my dog Cooper until my mother sprung me for sleeping at about 5:30pm in the afternoon… I felt I required a nap, even with 10 hours of sleep the night before.  Napping is also a way of recharging your body, early Sunday mornings I’ll run for an hour, come home shower and nap until I feel like getting back out of bed around 9-10am, when most of my friends are just waking up on a Sunday.

Going Off The Grid

Sounds very Tron, going off the grid has turned into one of my favourite weeknight things to do, whether its ignoring texts, calls, emails and Facebook notifications, I turn off all the iPhone’s notifications and go off the grid for the night.  Going off the grid gives myself time to either go to bed early uninterrupted, focus on blog writing, cleaning, reading, or spend some time with a special someone without all the worlds interruptions.  Sometimes going off the grid can actually cause me a slight amount of boredom and I start thinking about the future.  This is how I came to booking an adventure holiday to hike to Mount Everest Base Camp in September 2013.

These are just three ways I like to go about relaxing when I can’t go on holidays.  I just have to make sure that I hit the ground running when I go back to work each day.  Got any other great relaxation techniques? Share them in the comments.


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