Off Season Training – Week 1

51 days until I fly to China,  my holiday plans haven’t stopped me from giving up on my fitness just yet.  I could have used these 9 weeks to take a rest from training, continue to fill my mouth with awesome naughty foods and gain some weight.  But I didn’t appear to like this idea after getting on the scales and seeing 56 kg on the screen.  I have been naughty eating cookies from the jar, raisin toast, peanut butter and honey on toast.  Looking in the mirror I wonder ‘where on earth did I put this weight on, maybe my stomach area??‘   I knew the moment the cold snap hit Brisbane I was in for some “SAD” and warm carbohydrate food cravings, that’s me in winter, I feel down, cold/freezing and hungry.  I decided I must keep training!

The off-season training plan I am following is by Tom Holland’s, the Olympic Distance Triathlon Beginner Plan (excluding swimming during winter), I plan to complete 9 weeks of the plan before heading to China for a month.

After having a BioMechanic Therapist put my ankle back into place after 2 days of limping (injury from the Gold Coast 10km), he advised me to take it easy this week, (eg. Don’t run!) I may have ignored his medical advice…

Beginner Olympic Distance Triathlon Training – Week 1

  • Monday – Skipped 20 min run session due to ankle injury
  • Tuesday – Weights session – Base Phase (Upper body and abs)
  • Wednesday – Wind Trainer Session – 30 min
  • Thursday – Weights session – Base Phase (Upper body and abs)
  • Friday – Joel Harper 15 min Abs Workout  + 20 minute run
  • Saturday – Wind Trainer Session – 30 min, THEN off the bike 2km
  • Sunday – Running Session – 30 min

6/7 sessions complete – Not a bad start!

The worst session I had to overcome this week was Saturday.  Having not done an off the bike session since April’s Gold Coast Triathlon, the  first kilometre of running was pure pain, my legs held up alright after the 30 minutes of peddling, my core OMG IT HURT!!  Close to giving up after 600m, slowed down to a gentle jog until I hit the 1km mark, breathing deeply in and out, stretching my stomach out as far as possible to loosen up my core muscles while running the final 1km, worked a charm!

The results of training: I lost 1 kg this week brining me down to 55.4kg – Pretty good considering the amount of dining out I did over the weekend with alcohol drinks, pizza, ice creams and deserts.

Goal: I’m keeping my Goal for the Mooloolabah Triathlon a pretty tight secret, only my closest friend’s know.  It’s a pretty good one, if I keep my training perfect, I’ll be a goal winner!