Gold Coast Marathon – June 30, 2012 – I Completed 10 km!

200m TO GO!

I’ve had my heart set on since my last Triathlon in April.  The goal was to complete the Gold Coast Marathon’s 10km course at first. Over the last 20 weeks of training, I extended my goal to not only completing it, but completing it within 55 mins.  I was told by many my goal was unrealistic, being a first timer in a 10 km event. HA! I proved them wrong!

Net time: 55 minutes, 45 seconds – I am so proud of myself!

The Gold Coast Marathon

It was an early morning, getting mum and myself up at 4:20 am, with a bad nights sleep (I always get pre-race nerves), mum drove us down to the precinct at the Gold Coast about an hour away from home.  We walked around the precinct, and I showed her where to watch me from, and where food was available before I did a warm up 1 km slow jog and some stretches before lining up to race.  I started the race from the Category C point, the race started at 6:30am, the first 500 metres of the race was walked before we finally crossed the start line at about 6:34 am.  Running for 1 km and over the bridge at Southport heading towards Surfers Paradise, enjoyed the view, it was a great start to a race. I felt bunched up and stuck behind slower runners for the first 3-4 km, I spent a fair amount of time dodging, weaving in an out of gaps and jumping up and down from pavement side roads to over take large groups at a time.

At about 5 km I felt the people around me were doing a good pace I could keep up with and still be overtaking many participants every few 100 metres. Passing the 7 km sign my bad knee began an evil endeavour to ruin my day, the PAIN! I read about a mind and body experiment to do with fitness and pain, where you picture pulling the pain through your body, to the front of my forehead and pushing the pain to the back of your mind/head, where it sits there. In my circumstance the pain sits near my ponytail, sure did the trick! The pain was gone, I could feel it in the back of my head, and no longer in my knee. I strived on!

Around the 8 km mark I can hear the music from the precinct and a rush of excited energy flowed through my body, thinking to myself, ‘Wow, I’ve nearly finished!’.  All I could do was smile with excitement!

Seeing the 9 km sign, I felt myself going faster, I positioned myself to the left hand side of the road, hoping mum followed my instructions to stand on that side to get a finishing photo of me (She did, above). A sign stating ‘270 metre’s left’ is at the start of the finishing chute, made me laugh to myself ‘OH! That’s so far! lol’, I then spotted mum in the crowd as I came around the final corner, waving to her with a massive smile on my face.

I saw the clock above the finish line, just ticking over to 59 minutes, I was sad for a split second as I listened to the commentator say “Some of these people who have just crossed the line under the hour, may have a time less than 1 hour because they started further down the start line”. Relived, I am one of these people starting 400 – 500 metres behind the start line, I may still have finished in around the 56 – 57 minute mark.  I had taken my iPhone to track the event with the Nike+ App, and received a text message as I stumbled around looking for food and water.  It was one of my friends, “Congratulations on your time, that’s brilliant, and not far off 55 mins!!! not many girls run a sub 1 hour first 10 km”. I was looking at my phone with a bit of shock, how could they know my time already? Oh! the ASICS Run With Me App Tracker I had set up before the race.  Asked what was my time, they told me ’55 mins 45 seconds with an average pace of 5:34′.

I am so happy with myself! I’ve achieved my goal time! I completed the 10km! – I received a medal and Finishers t-shirt (really good quality for training) and exited the finishing race area.  I found my mum, so excited to tell her about my time, the race, jumping up and down like a pesky child.  Mum took me to Breakfast with my God mum, and shopping at Harbour Town afterwards, I spend Saturday night with a friend at Tenneriffe eating Sushi Train and ice-cream, watched a few movies.  I had a really great day.

The Gold Coast 10 km will always be a day to remember, the same as when I completed the 5 km Bridge to Brisbane in August 2011. These step by step achievements are a continuing motivation for myself.  Next years running goal is the Gold Coast Half-Marathon, Lets see if I can do 21 km in under 2 hours!


P.S. Back to off season Triathlon Training Monday afternoon!