Speed Dating – A Social Experiment – Round 2

Recently Spreets had Fast Impression Speed Dating vouchers for $29 each, I purchased two figuring a few nights of free-flowing Champaign, nibbles and 10-14 dates once a month before my holiday in China would be an entertaining way to meet new people.

It was an entertaining night!  I wore my little black dress, heels, and my leather jacket on this unusually warm winters Friday night.

I walked into the event at 6:50 pm for a 7:00 pm start,  I sat down at one of the tables as a girl ended her phone call and introduced herself to me.  She was divorced, 30, lived in the same suburb as myself, she was confident, carefree and lovely to chit-chat with. We discussed how we had become single, what we could be looking for tonight, and eyeing off the female competition and what men had arrived so far.

The table was soon filled with two other girls and one male.  We spoke about work, activities we like, fitness, travel, and the types of people around us.

At 7:30 pm the speed dating kicked off, armed with my name badge, pen and paper, I began my social experiment.

Observations of the night

  • I used one of my discount vouchers, but the normal price for tonight’s event is over $90.00, I noticed the different levels of education and professionals amongst the group.  Many of the men where in the mining industry with to and fro jobs, a few worked at Universities in research, others high level professionals, or owned their own businesses.  I felt because of the high price of the evening, the quality of men and their professional backgrounds was a lot more welcoming, then the previous event where a lot of (well) ‘guys’ were still doing university part-time or full-time, and in entry-level positions.
  • The age structure of the evening was great, females 25 – 35, men 27 – 37.  I prefer my partners to be at least older than me, the age of men I met were mostly over 30.
  • 6 minutes of dating was given to us tonight, I’m beginning to believe that these few minutes given to us isn’t enough time to get to know some people who are not as open as me, other times, its more than enough time with the one (I’ll be straight) asshole of the night, I’m never rude but being ridiculed within 3 minutes of meeting someone isn’t actually my idea of a good first impression.  At the half way point we had a short intermission for toilet breaks, coming back from the ladies, I checked my phone, replied to text messages and walked over to one man I felt I hadn’t had enough time to make a firm yes or no decision about, I was glad to of had a mere few more minutes to chat a little bit more with him, I’d felt we had only spoken about myself, and not much about him during the ‘date’.
  • The ethic background of men was half caucasian, and the other half were a mix between indian, african, american, and others from European countries.
  • Personalities – There were the shy, over-confident, arrogant, funny, confusing, repulsive, gentlemen, and nice guys. With the variety of personalities it was fun bouncing around and putting my own spin on all conversations. I’m a talkative person, yet by the final 3 dates, I’d had enough, and looking across the room before meeting them, I knew I would not be interested from their looks, posture and body language, during the dates I pushed them with questions rather than talking about myself.
  • The free-flowing champagne – I admit, I have no idea how many glasses of champagne I had during the two hours of dating, my glass was continually filled by the passing waitress.
  • Nibbles – I actually felt these would have been better placed in the middle of each table so they were easily accessible between dates. I didn’t have any dinner before going, (1 slice of peanut butter on toast) with all the champagne I was consuming I (may) of been a bit of a loud mouth later in the night.
  • Matches – By the end of my 14 dates I’d decided on two matches, one I’d like to see again, and one I was interested in being friends with. I also matched back with both.

My Academy Award

I’m blatantly honest when I say I feel I’m a top-notch girl. Here’s the proof:

“Thanks for coming along on Friday night. We hope you enjoyed the event!

Congratulations! You have scored one of the highest number of ‘yes’ votes at any Fast Impressions event, with over 70% of the men you met indicating that they’d like to see you again.”

I’ve had a bit of fun with the “Congratulations” comment with friends. I was myself, honest, funny, open, talkative, came with my best foot forward, smiled, dressed sexy, and had an idea of topics willing to talk about and share with the dates.  I enjoyed myself all night, and was even lucky enough afterwards to hit Brisbane City and the Valley with the girl I first spoke with and one of my matches.  We all had an entertaining night drinking, dancing, chatting and listening to music in the clubs, I even dragged them to Mana Bar for a round of shots!

I fulfilled my wishes of the night, to gain new connections, a lot of fun, and give myself a chance to get out and let my hair down.