Celebrating Milestones – Mars’s 201th Post

One of the things I love best about being a Blogger, is celebrating and sharing my life’s milestones and even everyday moments with my followers.  Their are so many ways to celebrate a milestone, or even just appreciate an everyday moment.

As a Blogger I tend to be so busy working my way through my to-do list of blogs to write, that I don’t take the time to stop and celebrate the little moments.  I then wonder why I’m so exhausted and feeling unappreciated.

TODAY  I am celebrating a personal milestone – 201 Posts on my Blog! – no small potatoes! And it got me to thinking about taking time to celebrate in general.

I used to always be so focused on the next thing on the list, getting more, and achieving more, I would actually dismiss what I had accomplished and what was right in front of me.  I would literally pooh-pooh away whatever accomplishments I had, like they where never good enough.  Somehow, someway, I thought if I got better (at whatever I was pursuing) then I would be worthy and it would validate my existence.  Then and only then would I feel good enough, like I mattered.

There came a time in my life journey when I first did some personal transformation work and things changed.  At one point I literally asked myself to make a list of accomplishments.  Everything I had accomplished in my life up to that point and an ongoing daily list of accomplishments (personal acknowledgments if you will).

Here’s what I learned through the exercise.  I had accomplished quite a bit.  In the absence of comparing my achievements to another person, there was a sense of pride, progress, and meaning. In the absence of striving I could actually enjoy the journey and realize more of what I wanted.

Another thing I discovered through this practice was that my fears of stopping to celebrate wouldn’t result in settling or lack of motivation to move forward were unfounded.  Quite the opposite resulted. I got to enjoy the NOW, feel a heck of a lot better about myself, and build a track record for future success because I was no longer navigating life through the eyes of someone who could never measure up. I could trust in and rely on myself to make the best decision.

So now I have a regular routine of marking celebrations. From the practice of finding 3 good things in each day, my milestones have become second nature to celebrate along the way. In large and small ways I take the time to see what is really going on and be grateful for it.  Whether it’s a pat on my own back, a Woot moment, or a more elaborate reward (Ice-cream), it is a regular practice.  It builds momentum, confidence, better results, and a lot more joy along the way.

Today I congratulate myself for passing the 200 Post mark, and enjoying every single moment of it!