Hey You? Where’s Lou?

Mars and Lou’s Cat Archie! We both missed you today!


Today was the first day I’ve ever worked at the RCH without my fantastic friend Lou!  I wanted to let her know – (or she may have told me to post this message) – ‘I missed Lou at work so much today, that I even cried a little onto my keyboard causing it to spark and break”.

The RCH has lost a very valuable and knowledgeable employee, a great co-worker and she is indeed a true friend to me.  I will miss being able to send her sneaky hello emails, visiting her at morning tea with coffee in toe, and our lunch breaks with our fellow friend Scott, and being driven home after work on rainy days listening to Kryptonite loudly and singling like idiots.

I will miss seeing you every day Lou! Work will never be the same without you. Best wishes for your new job outside of the RCH, you will shine!

Love Always,

Mars xo