10km Gold Coast Running Training – 12 days to go!

It has felt like a 1000 years waiting for my ankle to be strong enough to handle a decent run.

Thursday morning I gave my ankle a G-O with a Speed Session!  6 x 500 metre runs separated with a standing 1 minute rest.  Averaging 2 minutes and 30 seconds for each 500 metres.  Ankle felt strong! Asthma played up with huffing and puffing in between sets. My heart rate was going a bit wild.

A Friday morning session was on the cards next, 30 minutes of comfortable running.  I’ve been reading a triathlon training book I downloaded from the Kindle store recently and decided to take advantage of this session to test out its suggestions for warm ups, stretches and warm downs. Began with a very slow 10 minute jog, stretched, dashing into the 30 minute session,  completing 5 km, with a slow warm down jog/walk home.

Sunday was my Ghetto Superstar moment! Another warm up session with stretches on the grass at the Southbank Parklands. I set off to complete the 60 minute run session.  At the 58 minute mark I had completed 10 km!!  3 minutes off my last attempt!  My goal of achieving 55 minutes at the Gold Coast is looking very achievable!

I know you ALL love me! Nows your chance to SUPPORT ME! ASICS | Run with Me Website – Click on the Supporter Link on the right hand side, and enter my Bib Number R01026 – I would love to see your messages displayed to me while running the 10 km!  I’m so excited! 12 DAYS TO GO!