10km Gold Coast Running Training – 17 days to go!

Don’t talk to me about training, unhealthy eating and my cookie moods!!!

My ankle’s been hurting a lot since I sprained it, I’m seriously down in the dumps about it (junk food dumps).  The mobility specialist’s treatment made the pain and swelling worst, and the physiotherapist strapped it and told me again to stay off it. THEN mums old dog took a bite out of my other foot! Yes, I nearly lost a some toes! Lots of blood, crying and shock.  Walking in general really sucks at the moment.

The only action my feet have seen was a 30 minute run along the foreshore at Bribie Island Saturday about 2pm in the afternoon.  I really enjoyed the 5 km run, even the strong Bribie winds pushing against me couldn’t make me turn the other way and give up. The pain of my ankle was ignored by focusing on B.O.B’s music and watching all the families fishing, and families riding their bikes,  was a sea breeze  change to the pavement I run down most week days.

Doctor says I’m to stay off the ankle until its recovered in full, the 5 km run I did hasn’t helped at all…. Oops.

As always, the moment you stop training you get a cold or flu, which I have had since Sunday, with a chest infection affecting my asthma.  The 5 day weekend was wonderful, but going back to work today was pretty painful.

With just over 2 weeks to go, I’m hoping to keep off the ankle enough that I can fit in a few 30 – 50 minute runs before the big event on 30 June at the Gold Coast, aiming for a time of 55 minutes (even if it kills me).