10km Gold Coast Running Training – 4 weeks to go!

I’m feeling physically strong, I may have eaten a fair bit of ice-cream in the last week, and mentally I’m feeling very clear about my goals.  I started 2012 with a family crisis, and I’ve spent the last 2-3 weeks re-connecting with myself, I feel whole again.

I was glad to hear from friends who had noticed I was a bit wired up for a few months, that I appear to be back to my chilled out and happy persona.  I’ve always been the first to ask friends “Are you OK?”, it was now my turn to ask them “Am I OK?” and received honest answers, which helped me feel better. Thank you.

I had a great week training, even with the mishaps.

Monday and Tuesday I was feeling ill, took the days off training.  Wednesday after an intense day of policy studying and helping out a Medical Workshop, I was close to deciding not to do my 30 minute run I had skipped before breakfast.  In the end it was the best decision to think “JFDI”.  I used the time our running to clear my head of all the policies I’ve been studying in relation to work changes, focus on ME, sometimes we forget to focus on ourselves.  I sidestepped off the path and onto the grass to let a bike ride past as a mother and her pram took up the pathway, I pulled a muscle in my ankle, the last 1.5km was fairly painful, I was too determined to give up now, not when I’ve got Doomben 10km this weekend.

Thursday after work I went to the gym and did a weight session, keeping off my ankle that had been aching for most of the day.  I’ve noticed if I actually do two weight session a week, I feel so much stronger and leaner, I’ve increased my weights to the next size up.

Friday, I woke up in Robot mode, put my iPhone armband on, got dressed and ran out the door for a 3km Time trial.  I’d been running and running and running when I realized the last update my Nike+ App had given me was for the 1km mark, which was 4km ago.  I’d managed to run 5km without even realizing…. I was so asleep.

The Nike+ App had frozen, I reset the app and from the point I was standing began the 3km time trial….. again, this time with 1km updates, 17 minutes in total it took to complete.  At the 3km finish point I was 1km from home, decided I may as well run home since I was already late for work today due to the app issues.  Friday morning I’d done 9km in total, great effort without even realizing it at the time, my ankle did ache for the rest of the day.

Saturday I spent the day socializing with my friends around Brisbane and enjoyed the night in with the puppy dogs.  I had planned a hiking trip up Mount Cootha with friends, as Brisbane began winter off with rain and storms I cancelled the hike and enjoyed a glass of wine with lunch and ice-cream with my friends at The Barracks.

Sunday was supposed to be the big day that I completed the 10km Doomben Cup run, I’d slept on and off all night, with the heavy rain waking me with worry about how it was going to effect my run, thinking “should I?/shouldn’t I? still do the run in heavy rain”.  5.30am my alarm woke me up and I got my final answer, I looked out the window and it was bucketing down cats and dogs.  Nope not today.  I text my lift and cancelled the run, organizing to catch up for breakfast later in the morning.  At 6am the rain stopped…. I got my gear on and jumped in the car, deciding I’ll drive myself and JFDI….maybe not, I turned the engine on only for it to bucket down some more. I thought… “god’s got to be telling me something”, undressed and went back to bed for an hour.

After an amazing breakfast of poached eggs, bacon, cherry tomatoes and sour dough bread at The Gun Shop, West End, Daniel dropped me home, did a few chores around the house as the rain cleared up for got this time, and drove to the Southbank Parklands.  I performed a couple of ankle and leg stretches, before embarking on the 10km run.  I started at the William Jolly Bridge, and ran along the Southbank water front, under the Story Bridge and back again, 61 minutes in total, at the 6km mark my ankle was ACHING! I kept putting the pain into the back of my mind, “Your over Half way there! COME-ON!“, Today was the day I completed 10km!!