10km Gold Coast Running Training – 5 weeks to go!

Last week was a Terrible to Awesome mix of training session.

Starting off the week on Monday with a 30 minute weights session in the afternoon before heading out for Dinner and drinks with a friend.  Early Tuesday morning I enjoyed a morning 30 minute run before work and trialed out my new Pink exercise pullover jumper…. It was now to warm and took it off after 10 minutes.

Wednesday was my rest day, and another 30 minute run session on Thursday that was the most awful run I’ve had to date, my stomach was full of cake from the May Birthday’s Lunch at work due to all the 50th’s happening this month.  At one point I stopped running as I thought I was about to throw up.  After this I had made a pact with a friend to not eat anymore junk food for a month!  I’ve been doing ok with the pact and slipped up with some Chai Latte’s and a piece of carrot cake.

Clean healthy living makes your body perform at its best and I want to be my at my best on June 30.

Friday, I completed what I call the Half Hour of Power, begin with the Joel Harper 15 minutes Abs/Core workout, and then jump onto the wind-trainer and ride flat-out for 15 minutes, the hearts pumping, and my core is feeling solid.   Headed to Toowoomba tonight to see my grandma and family.

Saturday morning after sleeping most of Friday afternoon and night I woke up pretty fresh at 6.30am.  I’d decided to bring my run gear to give me the opportunity to run in a different location other than around where I live or Southbank. This was the MOST stupidest idea I’ve ever had.  Toowoomba was below 6 degrees, windy with fog.  I did attempt to make a good start on the 50 minute run, and planned to run around the Queens Park a few times.

I completed just one lap of Queens Park, 2km before I gave up, my hands were frozen, and my legs were about to snap off like icicles.  Next stop, Toowoomba’s Drive Thru Coffee Shop for a Chai Latte and toast.

Arriving home in Brisbane later Saturday afternoon I took the dogs out for a walk to the dog park and back.

Rise and Shine! It’s Sunday! 7am I prepared my gear and jumped into the car to Southbank. This morning was still a bit chilly, nothing like Toowoomba temperatures.  Did a warm up walk and a stretch before embarking on my first 50 minute run from GOMA to under Brisbane Story Bridge.  Completed 8.5km in the 50 minutes, which I was utterly impressed with myself and my efforts.  Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed hills don’t annoy me anymore, and keen to accept the challenge of running over them (I can’t say the same for riding).

To celebrate my first 50 minute run, my mum took me out to lunch at Vinnie’s, which is a favorite place of mine to grab a meal near home.

32 Days remaining until the Gold Coats, this weekend I am preparing myself with a practice run at the Doomben 10km run. I’m Excited to see what time I can do the full 10km.

Wish me luck!