Sex, Exercise & Television

I arrived at work this morning and surfed some news websites…. I became angry by this Lifehaker article We Still Watch 100 Hours Of TV A MonthWhy? you might be asking.  I’m sick of friends and family telling me they don’t have 30 minutes a day to exercise.  It’s only 3 hours and 30 minutes a week.

Why don’t people exercise every day? The excuses I hear are repetitive, such as: I’m tired and have no energy, Its cold (or hot depending on the time of year), to embarrassed to run/join a group class, old injuries, its inconvenient, and lack of time due to work, family or life.

Lack of time????  Are you serious!!!!  People should give up 30 minutes of television viewing each day and get out the door for a run or walk with the dog and kids.  Trust me!  You’ve got the time, it’s sitting there waiting for you to make use of it.

Then I read a Brisbane Times column… No time for sex? Then make the time.  Nothing gets me more annoyed than a partner who doesn’t make time to have sex with me (Yes, I said that… on the internet).  I’ve never been married, I’ve never had babies, and I haven’t experienced how these circumstances affect having sex often with your loved one.  But, I’ve had partners lay some of the above exercise excuses on the bed as reasons for not having sex each time we see each other.

All these excuses for not having sex are pathetic, my female brain upon hearing the words “I’m to tired sweetie”, decides 1. You don’t like me, 2. You’re not attracted to me anymore, and 3. Now I don’t want to have sex with you either, I’ve begun picturing kicking them out of bed and sending them home packing.  Living together I’ve personally found it acceptable to jump under the sheets at least 3+ times a week.  When living separately, every time I see my partner, I feel sex is a must-do, not a might-do if his not to ‘tired’. I’ve been on my death-bed and I’ve still been keen for some action.

The article also refers to having items such as televisions, books, iPhone, iPad and other portable distractions in bed with us, which I believe are fine to have in the bedroom, as long as the purpose for the bed is known, There’s sleeping, for a start, and the activities preceding sleep.

It isn’t hard or inconvenient to make time for both exercise and sex in your lives. Exercise is as important as going to work every day, and sex is just as important as communicating, kissing and cuddling your partner every day.

Make time for your body (and your partners) to feel loved in more ways than one.

Personally, I love to exercise, but I will always choose hot sex over it.