Being at one with Yourself

“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself.  But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” ~ Thomas Szasz

I find in life some of the most important moments of my life, is when I feel at one with myself.  Today was an example of feeling at one with myself, my current path in life, my goals, and my acheivements.

I woke up at 6am, pondered in bed for ideas to do today, remembered I had mums car at my disposal and rolled with it.  I got dressed into my workout gear, fed the dogs, jumped into the car and drove to Southbank.  Began a warm up walk (which was more of a freeze-up walk), ran 40 minutes from GOMA to below the Story Bridge and back again, completing 6.8 km in total.  The time flew by, Kanye West filled my ears and voice with tunes, I never even felt tired.  The advantage of JFDI in the morning is that your body feels fresh and ready to GO – GO – GO!

Driving home I realised that I could in fact go have breakfast at Newmarket Shopping Centre at Vinnies Cafe, I parked and enjoyed a White Chocolate Mocha and Eggs on Toast.  I’m feeling super satisfied with myself and its just after 8am.

Arriving home, deciding it would be a smart idea to buy some gloves to wear running if I’m going to continue these early morning runs (my fingers turned into icicles), and swap some jeans I had purchased where the stitching had come loose.  Started a load of washing, and showered, the warm water was amazing. Threw on a cute outfit and boots and drove to Chermside Shopping Centre.  Its Sunday, and the shops don’t open until 10am…. Target is the only store open at 9:30am, I wonder in and check out their sport cloths section, and find a thin bright pink pullover to wear running during winter on sale. Score.

Jay Jays is open and I swap over the jeans, Rebel Sport next and I ask a young girl to help me find the gloves.  She helps me decide on a pair and I use my $20 gift card from christmas to put towards them.  I’m all set for running during winter now…. I think.

Being a girl I couldn’t help but window shop around for an hour, purchased a few more items and decided to see if my friend Emma would be home to pop in and say G’day.  I’ve never been the type to pop in, I really wanted to catch up with her.  We had a great chat for 3 hours and I left in search of some lunch.  Driving back to Newmarket Shopping Centre I ordered a Chai Latte at Gloria Jeans and a turkey and ham sub at Subway.  Nice.

The dogs were very happy to see me when I arrived home, after I ate, I asked Cooper if he was keen for a walk? Of course he is! All three of us walked down to the dog park, I may of had more fun then the dogs as I played fetch with an old mans husky, rolled around in the grass and chased each other around the dog park while my dogs sniffed everything.  Sometimes I really miss owning a big dog.  One day again when I have my own big house and a backyard.  We all wondered home, myself covered in fluffy husky hair.  On the walk home I reflexed on the day, the activities, the enjoyable moments, and realised I’m really happy with myself right now.

Today, I felt completely at ease with everything in my life.  Nothing could trouble me today.  And thats the most important part of self-discovery, thinking to yourself “Everything is going to be ok”.  Why worry about tomorrow, the future, when I have this moment right now to enjoy and make the most of.

The last few months I have felt quiet down about my grandma’s health, she may not be with us much longer.  It’s had an effect on my life, and even the positive person I am known to normally be.  I’ve realised I can be sad about it, but not let it control me, I’m a stronger person than that.  I love her, and that’s really all that matters.

Even though my day may seem like a typical weekend for most, I continued to amaze myself with my running progress, my confidence driving alone, skills that I very rarely use, and knowing that if I spend time just with myself, I’m ok with it.  In fact, I’m happy to have had the time alone… I could sing along to B.O.B’s album in the car alone.


“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”  ~Judy Garland