10km Gold Coast Running Training – 7 weeks to go!

10km Gold Coast Running Training news:

With 7 weeks left of training for the 10km at the Gold Coast, I’m beginning to feel really confident of a time under 60 minutes.

On Sunday afternoon, I embarked on the first of many 40 minute sessions in my training plan.  Strapped on my iPhone armband and ran out the front door without doing a warm up.  In the 40 minutes of running, I enjoyed the tunes, received 1km updates from my Nike+ App of my progress, the motivation was their!

I went into the run expecting it to wipe me out, assuming a lay down before heading out to a movie date.  After arriving home, only feeling a little red faced, it was one of the most the most exhilarating training sessions I’ve ever had.  Completing a total of 6.8 km in the 40mins.  I felt great, 10km is nothing! My next challenge is the Half Marathon! BRING IT ON!

Other Training News:

I’ve dropped back off season triathlon training to just 3 runs, 1 bike and 2 weight session a week until the Gold Coast 10km on 30 June 2012.  Swimming….. I’ve given up for the winter, it’s cold and I’m a sook!

I’ve also entered the Heritage Bank Queensland 10km Event on 3 June 2012 as a practice race before Gold Coast.

The Bridge to Brisbane is also to take place on 2 September 2012, I will be missing out of the annual event this year, I’ll be Shopping or visiting Disney Land in Hong Kong that day.

I’m really excited for the few of my friends who are participating in the upcoming Ironman in Cairns. Only a few weeks left of training everyone is looking super fit and charged for the event! Looking forward to seeing their results.

Keep Training Smart & Hard!




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