Should Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

In the darkest hours of a winter storm, Cooper tapped furiously in fright to come inside, the downpour of rain had flooded Cooper and Ollie’s kennels.  Waking up to his cry’s for help, I launched out of bed, downstairs to let my little Prince inside. The dogs flew past me and ran up the stairs to my bed, both dogs were there jumping on the mattress and licking my face saying thank you, when I crawled back into bed half asleep.  And then the storm kept me awake that night, with Cooper lying beside me, Ollie at my feet on top of the covers.  Petting Cooper was almost like a way to calm myself down and fall asleep.

Some pet owners may be sheepish to admit it, I’m far from alone in the ‘dogs in the bed’ situation, surveys show that a 40% average of pet owner allowed their dogs to sleep in their bed.

Is there anything wrong with dogs in the bed?

Sleeping in the same bed has strong emotional benefits for you and your pooch.  It’s comforting to both the owners and the animals. The company of pets have been proven to lower blood pressure, stress and reduce feelings of loneliness.  Having them close to you at night only magnifies those benefits, whether the animal is at the foot of the bed or under the covers.

Cooper likes to cuddle, and he always has to be right next to me, if I roll away from him, he scoots over so he’s right next to my torso again.  This doesn’t disrupt my sleep at all.  In fact, it’s quite comforting to feel him snuggling up against me.  I believe it deepens the bond between Cooper and I.

Is It Healthy to Sleep with dogs?

People who suffer from pet allergies or asthma should not sleep with their dog or cat, or even allow them in the bedroom.  I have asthma and spent many of my teenage years sleeping with a Dalmatian and long-haired Dachshund in my bed, I loved them too much to ever kick them out, they were always well-behaved dogs.

Cooper and Ollie are Bichon Frise, they often appear on lists of dogs that do not shed.  Bichon Frises are considered suitable for people with allergies, as they are bred to be hypoallergenic which make them the perfect bed buddies.

Will dogs in the bed disturb your sleep?

Partners are more likely to be more disruptive than pets, and particularly partners who snore and partners who get up to go to the toilet and therefore turned the lights on.  Ollie is a Snoring, Kicking, Cover-Hogging dog, the very sound his first snore wakes me up instantly, I become frustrated and snap at him half asleep to get out of the bed and sleep outside my bedroom door.  Ollie has a sook, gets up and wonders out of the room to find a new sleeping spot in the house.  I will never see myself having the power to kick a partner out of the bed instantly for any of the above.  Dogs Rule!

Honestly, the choice is yours to make about where your pets sleep, some nights my dogs like sleeping outside, cooler night’s they are found in my bed before me.  I welcome them with open arms, as while I sleep alone most nights, it’s nice to wake up on occasion to Cooper’s sleepy face and have a good morning cuddle with him.


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  1. I grew up with a small terrier dog which we had for 18 years who done the very same thing,he loved to snuggle in to my torso every night for the heat and when he got warm he would move to the end of the bed. But it done no harm to me,we have a new dog now and he does the very same thing,I find no harm in allowing a dog sleep in the same bed as me,I’m a 42 year old male and it’s never done me any harm whatsoever.

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