Training Sessions – 30 April to 7 May 2012

Another week of fitness, and a few nights of socializing.  Off season training is actually more fun then season training, I don’t have to do the exercise, I WANT to do the exercise!

Here’s how my week went:

Monday – I took the dogs for a 3km walk after hurting my knee the day before falling over in the mud, my knee was still feeling a bit stiff and sore.  After the walk I booted up my Macbook, completed a 30 minute session of the Michelle Bridges Tight, Toned and Terrific DVD which includes toning and weight exercises for the whole body.  My arms hurt for two days after this!

Tuesday – Was speed dating night and did my normal walk to and from work.

Wednesday – Knee was feeling a lot better today, went out for a 30 minute straight run in prep for the 10km coming up in just 9 weeks at the Gold Coast…. Where has the time gone?  Felt great, and listened to Kanye West’s Graduation album.

Saturday – Was time for another ride in the afternoon, I did 50 minutes on the wind-trainer listening to my iPod on shuffle.  The time flew by, changing my intensity from easy, tempo and hard.  Deciding it was a bit to hot to go for a 20 minute run afterwards I set up the Michelle Bridges DVD again in the air conditioning, enjoyed a great work out with some stretches after.

Monday – Time to get up at 6.15am, shower, do my make up (Yes, I’m that vain), and head out for a 30km ride with a friend of mine.  We left my place and drove over to his at Bulimba, lovely suburb with a strip of cafe’s, stores and a few bars, we left his place for an easy ride.  Heading down the main road, we tackled a few hills, the main goal was to reach the Gateway Bridge and come back through Hamilton, Tenneriffe, over the Story Bridge, Kangaroo point  back to Bulimba.

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Reaching the top of the Gateway it was beautiful to look over the Brisbane river out to the ocean, my friend commented its a pity the bike-way was not on the other side of the bridge to get a view of Brisbane city, which truthfully would have been a photographers dream.