Training Sessions – 25 – 29th April 2012

I’ve had an amazing week of activities, not only did I go see The Avengers Twice, see a heap of friends, I also decided to get back into a habit of making exercise an important part of my day.

After Monday being a rest day after the Gold Coast Triathlon, Tuesday I had a great 30 minute straight run sessionWednesday morning mum and I kicked off ANZAC Day with blueberry pancakes with maple syrup.  After breakfast I jumped on the wind-trainer for a 40 minute session of low to high impact peddling to get the heart racing, and the sweat dripping.  Jumped off the bike and headed straight into a 10 minute run as per my plan.  Over the last few months I have found that running off the bike is becoming easier and easier, especially while focusing on wind-training session that can I push myself harder than just riding up and down the bike-way, I’m more focused on speed, my heard rate levels and the consistency.  When going for the run afterwards I have been including a few of the hills in my suburb, I started this off as a 10 minute run up a main road, and back around to my place, which is a bit of a hike up the hill, kept a 6 pace speed for most of the inclined, will begin to increase the run times after the bike from now on, as this felt… too easy.

Thursday I headed to the pool for a swim session, It was FREEZING! I have no idea why I thought swim training at the beginning of Autumn would be fantastic idea.

Swim set included:

100m Warm up freestyle

100m Drill, kick board

1km Set, with 30 second rest between each 100m

100m Cool Down

After the swim I walked my frozen cute butt off home for 40 minutes….. I’m buying a track suit for winter!

Friday I took the day off exercise, after a massive day at work running around for a workshop, and software training for the new upgrades my brain felt frizzled, stayed in and watched The Big Bang Theory and the first Iron Man movie.

Saturday the rain set in for the entire day, it rained cats and dogs all day.  I did a few sit ups in the morning and eventually gave into the fact the rain makes me an unmotivated person.   I went with a friend around lunchtime and saw the Avengers for a second time, I still loved it, and felt like kicking ass afterwards.

Sunday, I had the best sleep in, I had stayed up the night before blogging, working on some drawings and chatting on Facebook.  Sunday morning I went to breakfast with a girlfriend of mine and really enjoyed catching up.  Once home I headed out the door for another 30 minute straight run, which felt fantastic, until slipping in some mud on the path, cut up my hands and as always landed on my bad knee and cut it.  I whipped myself down and kept going I only had 10 minutes remaining of the run, after a while I noticed I’d also sprained my ankle a bit and dropped my speed down to reduce the pain.  At home I was a dirty mess, showered, laid down for 30 minutes and headed out to the shops with my mum to buy some two new pairs of bright pink and purple jeans in size 8’s (I love this seasons colours!).

That is a week of awesome off-season training!