Why I don’t like the new Office Telephone

Telephone systems play a very important role in the modern workplace. Telephone systems give individuals the ability to communicate and share information. During the early years of telephones, there was a limited amount of functions that could be used. In the modern workplace, there are many more functions that telephone systems are capable of. Multi-user calls, or conference calls, are now fairly standard.

Recently, my workplace has decided to switch from a phone system that may be old, but it had features I liked in an workplace, and have always had in previous workplaces.

With the change, has come a bit of confusion, staff were supplied a 5 page pamphlet regarding the campus telephone transition.

The new telephone is a Alcatel Lucent, from the information provided on the website appears to be a great telephone and workplace communication system.

The Pros:

Transferring a Call – is as simple as dialing the extension, no need to press transfer.

SMS Capabilities – I have not actually given this a go yet, by the Qwerty Keyboard it appears able.

Ringtone – You are able to get a choice of ringtones and personalise your desk.

Ring Volume – Unlike some of our old telephone’s we are now able to increase or decrease the volume of the ringtone.

Answering others telephones – is a simple press of *6 and then the phone picks up anyone in your office area who’s phone is ringing.

The Cons:

Ringtones – I’ve placed this as a pro and con, its great to be able to choose your ringtone, yet the telephone also comes alone with many annoying ringtones, that other staff members have picked, this can become annoying, especially if the volume has not been decreased.

Lack of Line buttons – The old telephone system had separate buttons for all my managers, Doctors, nurses and admin staff phone lines, about 20 in total.   I then pick and choose which telephones I answers.  The *6 option available, it is impossible to select who you choose to answer, relying only on guessing someones ringtone.

Caller ID –  Only receiving a visual of the department and extension number when a call is being received, and sometimes only an extension number.

The Screen Menu – It has all these menu options all over it and a very small time and date at the top.  Its damn ugly, a larger time and date would have been visually appealing.

No Hold Button – Actually there is apparently a Hold button, the symbol in my 5 page pamphlet does not appear on any of the phones buttons.  Its not a massive issue yet.


One thought on “Why I don’t like the new Office Telephone

  1. With the caller ID the codes that come up are pre-set. But when you just get the number, that’s only because they haven’t been transferred over to the new system yet. Once the new phones go through there, they will have the correct details come up.

    Lack of buttons? Well… Again, this isn’t true per-se. They just aren’t giving everyone the module that gets added to your phone to allow you to have buttons covering 20 other lines. We only have one of those modules in our department, but they can get more in multiple departments if they request. There will be someone in your department with one.

    There IS a hold button, but I myself haven’t actually gone looking yet.

    Screen menu is hardly iPhone material, yes. But it’s something you learn quickly with time. On the other hand, my biggest complaint with the menu is, that when you are surfing the options, no calls can come through to your phone. MASSIVE negative.

    The SMS function does work. I’ve used it twice, but the keyboard is so unwieldily that I really can’t be stuffed.

    Biggest pro: Hands free! I use it all the time in my small area.
    Biggest con: option surfing the menu cuts your phone off from access – even your voicemail.

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