10km Gold Coast Running Training – 10 weeks to go!

Yep, that’s right. I gave myself one day off training and had an awesome time at home resting and walked the dogs to chill out with a warm Chia Latte and read the paper.  Now its time to get back in the game and train for the 10km Gold Coast Marathon event, with ten weeks to go I’m really pumped!

Having completed the enticer Triathlon on Sunday and still recovering from the flu, I headed out for a 30 minute run as per the training plans provided on the website.  30mins straight at a comfortable pace listening to my iPod, I completed 4.7 km with an average 6.28 pace.  Slow for me, perfect for the asthma tingle building up in my chest.

For once the shuffle on my iPod finally worked out how to pick good tunes to listen to and the time flew.  Soon enough I was home, sweaty and feeling pretty damn impressed with myself.  That 1 kg I put on over Easter will be GONE this week!

I would love to have some friends come along and give some of the events a go, there is a 5 km fun run, 10 km I’m doing, Half Marathon and Marathon lengths available for participate to choose from.

Mars on Life.

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