Final Triathlon for 2011/2012 – Gold Coast Triathlon 2012

Sunday the 22 nd of April marked the end of my 2011/2012 triathlon season. The 4 events I competed in were all incredible moments in my life, and I am already dreaming of future moments in the 2012/2013 season.

Gold Coast Triathlon Race Report

Mum drove a girlfriend and myself to the Gold Coast for the Triathlon on Saturday morning, in the afternoon we arrived at the Southport Parklands to place my road bike into the overnight transition.  Having been the first time I have placed my bike in a car and taken the back wheel off, I was struggling to get it back on! Oops.  Luckily enough a couple of men walked past and I politely asked if one could be a gentleman and put my back wheel on, I felt embarrassed about it, mum thought it was hilarious. The lovely man even tried to show me what I still don’t understand had to be done to place the back tired on correctly. Note to self: Never take off the back wheel again!

Wheeling the bike over to Check in and picked up my race pack which contained my number, timing chip, swim cap, bike sticker, and yummy honey shots. I noticed my swim cap was White and not Black that was meant for my wave start and thought not much more of it at the time.  Wheeled the bike over to the transition entrance, found the section to rack my bike, the location was right near the exit and entry points for the race, which was an advantage.

We then headed about 1 km down the road to check into the hotel with my friends.  That night our group of friends caught up, ate pizza and went and got ice cream from Baskin Robbins.  By the time we got home at around 9:30pm I was feeling overwhelmed with tiredness.  I doubled checked my wave time again online, only to discover that my Enticer entry had been placed into the Sprint Distance.  I have not been training for this swim distance and have had the flu since Tuesday, I was feeling a bit scared and overwhelmed that I would have to do the Sprint. I tossed and turned all night, my girlfriend who I slept in a bed with said I was talking in my sleep about it. (Sorry for causing you a bad nights sleep as well).

At 4:45am I woke up for the final time, had a shower got dressed grabbed my sports bag with my race gear and left the hotel to speak to the help desk when they opened at 5:15am.  First in line, spoke to the girl about changing my race back to the enticer age group, it was all sorted in a few minutes. Phew!  In transition laying out my gear for the day I realised I had left both my water bottles back in the fridge at the hotel.  I repacked my helmet in my bag and headed back to the hotel, had breakfast of Weetbix, banana, milk and honey, and left again with water bottles this time to return to transition before it closed at 6:30am.  All done, I’m all ready for a perfect race.

I caught up with the rest of my group where my wave start would be at 7:09am for a 300m swim. Said my goodbyes and wished a friend luck who was participating also. Standing on the beach with the other girls in black swim caps, I didn’t feel nervous now like I had been all night.  Today would be my first beach start where participants run into the water from the beach before you begin to swim. I stuck to the back of the group of girls on the sand, 30 Seconds left, I set my watch’s timer to press start any second now.

BANG! The gun went off, I pressed start on the watch and ran for the water.  The first 100m out to sea us girls were climbing all over each other, feet kicking me in the face, head and shoulders, arms smacking into my feet, I felt like slowing down to let people pass so I could swim without all the stress around me. At the first turning buoy half the pack slowed down, saying ‘Sorry’, and swimming breast stroke. I continued powering around the buoy and into the next 100m stretch with freestyle, keeping pace with a few girls around me and using the sighting technique to keep myself in line with the next corner buoy and the swim exit, the current was not very strong and didn’t assist much at all.

As I exited the water I tripped over my own footing and landed in the sand, my arms and legs were covered in sand now. I got up and run up the small incline, through the swim exit arches. Swim time 6.23 minutes for 300m.

Running into transition down lane 14 to find my bike, I grabbed my towel and wiped down my face, feet, legs and arms, sand was everywhere, and didn’t appear to be going anywhere. My shoes seemed impossible to pull onto my wet sandy feet, strapped my tri-belt on, sunglasses and helmet, reefed my bike from the rack and ran for the bike exit.  Once past the bike mount sign I successfully mounted and cycled to reach 30 km ASAP, rolling through the gears, enjoying the cool breeze and taking a moment to realise I actually swam without freaking out about it.

The 10km ride was incredible, Its been since the Bribie Triathlon since I’ve had my bike on the road and it was nice to feel the wind in my face, speeding around and overtaking others. my top speed was only 45km going down a hill, otherwise I sat around 30-35km for the straights. The bike course included three turning points, it seemed over and done with so quickly.  I was riding towards the dismount sign when the guy in front of me unclipped himself and stopped 4 m before the dismount sign, I braked quickly and ran my front tyre into his back gears, oops. Jumped off my bike and just started running yelling out sorry to the guy ahead of me, he didn’t seem to concerned. Ride time 25.33 minutes for 10 km including transition.

I had pushed myself on the ride and I could feel the flu I’ve struggled with all week just sitting on my chest waiting to have a coughing fit, I took the first 1 km slower than normal worried I would give myself an asthma attack which would take time to settle sitting on the side of the road before I could run again.  There were two hill climbs and I kept to a decent pace throughout the incline and enjoyed the decent where I tried to catch up on some lost time. The run course had turns everywhere, it was the most un-enjoyable run course I’ve ever done.  Winding through the last few corners of the course and finally seeing the words Finish up ahead I felt relieved that I would cross the line soon and could cough all I wanted and pass out on the ground.  Crossing the finish line I saw and heard my friends cheering me on. Run time 15.05 minutes for 2.5 km. 

After the race I said a brief Hi to my friends and went off to get some food and drink at the recovery station. I returned to watch the rest of my friends complete their triathlon.

WHAT A RACE! Overall time 47.02 Minutes and I came 47th out of 94 in the Enticer 25-35 age group, Females. 

I had a fantastic event, and very excited about the off-season training I begin the next week.

Mars on Life.