Triathlon Training – Monday, 16th April 2012 – Swim Session

My father would go to Centenary Pool on hot summer days like this as a teenager.


I slid into the damn nasty pool, the water was not as cold as I had thought it would be.  I swam in the medium speed lane, the slow lane had a kiddies Learn to swim class.

Swim session:

Warm up – 100m easy Freestyle.

Drill – 100m kicking with kick-board.

Set – 200m@20sec x 5

Drill – 100m Practice sighting the end of the pool every 10 Strokes.

Cool down – 100m easy freestyle

Once recovering from a teary moment of feeling frightened about being back in the water (Bribie Triathlon Swim (750m) gave me a scare), I completed the warm up 100m in 2 mins, 15 secs, which was the fastest lap in the session.  After a great start my laps stretched out between 2 mins, 30-50seconds.  The initial 200m set I struggled to breathe correctly, forcing myself to think over and over “One, Two, Three, Breathe, Centre”, in my head to keep myself breathing every 3rd stroke and to centre my head correctly down afterwards.  I felt better once I got into a rhythm stretching my arms out in front of me and rolling my body side to side when breathing, while keeping my head down and centred.

The following 200m sets came more naturally and began to enjoy the training session.  I performed the next set of drills of practising sighting the end of the pool every 10 strokes, which I found myself stopping and starting to position myself to see the pools end, then having to go back to swimming position. Finishing off with a 3 min cool down 100m lap.

I am feeling in a good place of mind, and confident about returning Thursday to achieve better outcomes for Sunday’s event.

*It may seem so little to some, every time I enter the water alone or feeling unsure it’s a big deal for me.  Therefore, I would like to say a Big Thank You to my friends who gave me some training tips, words of support and a hug today when I had  that worried look about the idea going to the pool this afternoon.  I do appreciate the confidence you all have in me.  Deep down I know I can do it, I need a shove into the pool sometimes.*

Mars on Life.