What should I do…. with my excessive time.

After watching 4 episodes of the new Mad Men season last night…… I realised I now have too many hours in my day to waste, no wonder I have become bored by around 7pm each night. I turn my Mac Mini media centre on cuddle up in bed with Cooper and watch a few TV shows or movies each night.

My average week day:

6:00 am – Alarm, hit snooze.

6:09 am – Alarm, hit snooze.

6:18 am – Alarm, turn alarm off, jump in shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, do hair and makeup, organise handbag.

7:05 am – Begin walk to work.

7:30 am – Work for 8 hours with 30 minute lunch break with friends.

4:00 pm – Finish work walk home or gym.

4:30 pm – Begin exercise for the day.

5:30 pm – Home from exercise.

6:00 pm – Dinner. Spend some time with mum.

 7:00 pm – I am bored.

10:00 pm – Bedtime. Zzzzzzzz……..

So…. What should I fill these few hours with?

Work has been a bit slow over the Easter break, I have had a fair bit of downtime, and using the time wisely I make to do lists, exercise programs for the winter period, updating my iCloud Diary, completing 2 Tafe Project Management subjects, and posting on this blog.  With the spare time today, I came up with a list of activities I could work on between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm each night I am at home:

  • Blogging
  • Phone friends
  • Personal filing
  • Chores
  • Meditate
  • Study
  • Write a Will
  • Reading
  • Drawing

All of these are fantastic time fillers, one that stuck out the most for me was Drawing. Late 2011 I purchased an online drawing course from Manga University Japan, it has 6 lessons to complete over any span of time, once completing the course you’re encouraged to submit a drawing of your own work to the University for them to marked and provide tips on what improvements can be made.

Tonight I sat down and began Lesson 1.  I’m pretty excited about the results so far and will post previews soon.  I intend to make drawing apart of my routine by allocate a few nights per week.

Mars on Life.