“Trilogy Time”

I felt inspired by last nights episode of How I Met Your Mother titled “Trilogy Time” where Ted, Marshall and Barney embark on another “trilogy time”, where they historically get together every three years to watch the “Star Wars” trilogy and envision what their lives will be like in another three years.

They begin the 3 year times spans back from 2003, 2006, 2009, to the present 2012 and 2015 ‘the future’.  The guys focus on many life factors such as Job, Interest, love life, friends and living arrangements.  Also with a several running gags throughout, The presidential headlines were fun to look for, as was the ever-changing hair lines and Marshall’s killer mustache.

2003seems like such a blur, I’ll give it a go, these are the days before Facebook could keep track of our lives for us!

Age: 19

Lived: I lived at Karalee near Ipswich early 2003, I left Karalee around March to stay briefly with friends I had met at University, then moved to Alderley living with new co-workers from Crazy Clarks Indooroopilly

Job: I worked mainly at Crazy Clarks Indooroopilly, I worked there for over a year as a shelf stacker, then a checkout chick and completed a Certificate in Retail at Southbank Tafe before being transferred to the Brisbane City store to be their new 2IC.

Love-Life: I had official left Grant my high-school sweetheart, we had been together over a period of 3 1/2 years on and off.  I had made the decision I didn’t wish to be an Army Wife and packed up and left our Karalee home, leaving only a note behind.  I fell into a troubled from the start, on and off again relationship with Brendan, between the off parts I would have flings with other guys I had met out and about night clubbing, even one of my managers at Crazy Clarks, who later committed suicide, and use to mess around with my friend Daniel who played State Basketball for QLD.

Interest: Clubbing, drinking, shopping, dancing, festivals and concerts, live sports, smoking.

Main Friends: James, Jess, Daniel D, Will, Joseph, Mark, Daniel NZ, and Rek.

Hair: Blonde and short


Age: 22

Lived: I lived with my Boyfriend Chris at Lutwyche. We had a Fighter Fish called Chrissy, and later Billy and two black and white Rats called Cuddles and Paige, we couldn’t have a dog in our two bedroom, one bathroom, massive kitchen and large living space apartment, so we made do with what we could have as pets to make me happy.

Job: I had been working for several law firms in Brisbane CBD. Since I was the sole income earner I would bounce around from workplace to workplace increasing my salary by a couple of $1000 to help make our lives easier while Chris studied teaching at Griffith University.

Love-Life: Chris and I had been together for over a year, we were inseparable.

Interest: Video Gaming, gym, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, collecting My Little Pony, Mountain bike riding, Firefly, Comics, Pokemon, movies.

Main Friends: Chris, Skippo, Pete, John, Craig and Karly, Anna, Rose, Casey, Will, Daniel, Robert, Kylie and Grant, Matt P.

Hair: Brown mid length.


Age: 25

Lived: I had been living with two gay guys for most of 2009, In October I moved into a Unit at Chermside with boyfriend Eddy for 6 months.

Job: I had returned to the Royal Children’s Hospital after working at Emergency Services Kedron for 6 months, to staff the Orthopedic Desk in the RCH Outpatients department.  I really enjoyed this year at the RCH as I had come back to all my old work friends, and making new ones. I’ve always felt at home at the RCH.

Love-Life: All of 2009 was spent dating Eddy and moving in with him later in the year.

Interest: Gym, Comics, Pokemon, gaming, shopping, coffee with the girls, movies.

Main Friends: Kylie and Grant, Sarah, John, Craig and Karly, Emma, Geremy, Rose and Briony.

Hair: Blonde then light brown mid length to long.


Age: Turning 28

Lived: I have been living with my mum for a year and a half now.  I am currently saving to buy my own home by the time I turn 30.

Job: I have a fantastic Job at the RCH in the Oncology Department working in an admin role.  I really enjoy it there and I get to see many of my work friends every day.

Love-Life: Single. I have been single in the past, just not in a Trilogy Year!

Interest: triathlon, TV, Movies, technology, dogs, running, drawing, Supanova, saving, traveling overseas.

Main Friends: Daniel B, Louise, Briony, Scott, Craig and Karly, Grant, Brodie, Jess and James.

Hair: Blonde Growing it to be super long (Eventually)!


I guess you and I will both have to stay tuned!

Mars on Life.