Uh Oh We’re In Trouble

I have been neglecting my blog.  Mainly because I have been working on my fitness levels, started back on my studies and felt I needed a break from nearly everything else.

I joined the 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) run by Michelle Bridges which kick starts on Monday the 13th of February (right in time for Valentines Day).  I have been enjoying the pre-season tasks and the Facebook pages and Twitter posts.  One part of the 12WBT I do not like is how much Michelle Bridges and fellow 12WBT members use Facebook as a large aspect of support.  It’s not the support that I am disliking, it’s the Social Media that I use to access it.

Last year I successfully completed 100 days without Facebook.  With joining the 12WBT I have found that daily I am falling into old and bad habits when reading updates on the Social page, checking my Newsfeed to see what updated status Michelle Bridges has posted.  Michelle is a source of motivation for me I am drawn to finding out what she has to say in her many status updates a day.

Then there is the forums, I feel compelled to brag about a good running, cycling or swimming session, ask questions the 12WBT members may hold the answers too.  I love reading about everyone’s accomplishments, and even everyone’s downfalls, I’m not the only one having a bad day.

Looking at my Facebook timeline, I have let myself go Facebook crazy again.  Noticing a little rush of excitement (like a child knowing they are doing something naughty and could be caught) It is now time to re-evaluate how I have been using Facebook, and look at ways to address the issue before I become a social addict again.

At first I will allow myself once a day to check Facebook, keeping up to date with Michelle Bridges status updates and tips, and check the 12WBT page for a bit of social fitness interaction.  This daily check should only be 10-15 minutes, therefore not engulfing my life again.

I see my friends on Facebook with their phone or computers, I still find myself rolling my eyes, why do these people love this website so much?  Secretly I know the answer, I’m just afraid to admit it. Right now.

Mars on life.