Training Diary ~ Water Troubles

Even I have my down days with training, on Sunday I totally flunked out.  I let my fear of water get the better of me, and allowed myself to get all stressed out and turn into a crying mess.

I need to improve, and maybe now isn’t the time to be trying to improve on my stroke and speed.  I may have learnt to swim, I haven’t learnt to overcome my fear of water.

Right now I need to work on how I feel in the water, learn to relax in the water, take my time to feel safe, at ease and do only what my training plan requires.

I’ve made a promise to myself to get up in the morning and walk to the pool and do this weeks 800m swim set.  The only way I can overcome this fear is by getting in the pool, taking it easy, and stressing less about how my stroke looks and focus more on me and how I feel about the water.

Mars on Life.