Triathlon 2 ~ Training Diary ~ 12th, 14th &15th of January 2012

What a week Brisbane!  We had the hottest weather on record for January since 2009, and were only 2 weeks into the new year!  Wednesday the 11th of January I was meant to go for a Ride and Run, with the humidity and 32 degree temperature at 5pm at night, I gave up on the dream of not missing a training session.  This is how the rest of my 2nd week of training followed:

12th January 2012 – Running Training

20 min run as:
8 min run – easy
6 min run – tempo
6 min run – easy

I got home from work to find the weather Thursday was overcast, and a light wind, I didn’t even break a sweat.  Finding running seems to be easier since beginning this training program I was pretty happy with my efforts.  I am still finding it a bit tough to go from tempo straight back into an easy run when my HR is around 183 and I feel flushed in the face.  I generally walk fast for one min, and then get back into the easy run.  Felt pretty awesome after this run, I’m on my way to 10km.

14th January 2012 – Transition Training (Swim/Ride/Run)

500m swim as:
100m freestyle – easy
3 x 100m free – easy
100 m breaststroke – easy
45 sec rest between each 100m

30 min ride as:
10 min easy
8 min tempo
2 min easy
5 min hard
5 min easy

Run off bike
8 min easy run

I’m was feeling grumpy, sleepy and had just woken up from a 2 hour nap that I very much-needed after waking up at 5am Saturday morning.  I really felt like some quiet time, when my boyfriend came over around 3:15pm to take me over to the public pool near South Bank.  I did the first 100m in 2 minutes a bit two fast for me. Still sleepy, I continued the next 3 sets of 100m with 45 sec breaks.  I only began to feel alive when completing the final 100 breaststroke.

Transitioned onto the bike after drying myself and putting on my HRM and runners.  My bike is set up on this device that lifts the back wheel up off the ground, giving the chance to peddle on the spot.  This felt a strange at first but after a while I just became board and focused using my heart rate to work out what level I was peddling.  The last few easy, hard, easy dragged on in this stationary mode, my hair was a mess, I just wanted a shower to wash off the chlorine.  The timer hit 30 mins and I ran off the bike to change into some running pants.

I ran out of the pool complex leaving everything behind, running the way instructed until I hit the South Bank walkway along the river.  I love it here, I dream of buying a one bedroom unit and walking 2 puppies every day, enjoying the South Bank beach and tanning on weekends endlessly…. Reality hit me…. I’ve been running one direction for 6 minutes, I need to turn back.

Turning around I ran the final 2 minutes out of the park lands up some stairs and to the lights when the time was up. Walked back to the pool to find my boyfriend waiting for me.

15th January 2012 – Running Training

24 min run as:
5 min walk
14 min easy run
5 min walk

It was spitting outside and began to pour as I put on my shoes.  Thank god I love the rain and today, I just didn’t care less if I came home looking like a drowned rat, I wanted to run.

Leaving home the rain spat here and their for my entire run, walking down to the rugby playing grounds and through to the park, I set my pace at 6.30 and run easily for the entire 14 minutes.  Time seemed to fly by again, and soon enough it was time to turn back home.  Arriving home our dogs greeted me at the door (I’ve been gone 25 mins, this is the love only a dog can give you).  They looked so happy to see me that I grabbed their lead and took them out for 15 minute walk and a run around the rugby playing grounds.  The rain started to pour down on us and we all ran home, the dogs looked like drowned white rats. 14 minutes straight is a great effort for me, I haven’t run that kind of time for a while now.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what time I can complete my run in during the triathlon.