Triathlon 2 ~ Training Diary ~ 8th & 10th of January 2012

3 January 2012 – Ride and Run Training

24 min ride as:
10 mins – Easy
4 mins – Tempo
10 mins – Easy
Run off Bike:
5 mins – Easy

Sunday morning around 8:15am my partner got up for a 15km run and I went out for a Ride and Run.  Great ride with fewer people on the bike path to zig-zag around.  I had started tracking my riding and running with the iMapMyRide and Run apps, I’ve found that it’s an extra to deal with when training, my focus must be on my heart rate and performance.  I had used the app on this trip, when coming home to change pants and remove my riding gloves and helmet (I sound so professional) I doodled around for 5 mins checking the app stats and drinking water.  Realising how much time had gone by I ran out the door to complete the 5 min easy run.  I ran down the hill of the street and felt like I was about to fall over. Legs still feeling a bit confused by the change and the pace.  Slowing down to an actual easy run and kept my HR around 150 for 5 minutes.  Other than getting distracted at home by my phone I was quiet happy with this, my bike tempo speed averaged at 25kph, which is certainly a start, considering I seem to be dodging people on the bike track. every 100m’s.

Run off the bike is improving, legs still feel a bit shocked, they’re learning and coping better.

10 January 2012 – Swimming Training + Yoga

600m Swim as:
100m – Freestyle – Easy
100m – Breaststroke – Easy
200m – Freestyle – Tempo
100m – Freestyle – Tempo
100m – Breaststroke – Easy

45 sec rest between each 100m
1 min rest between each 200m

I’ll admit it, I had a terrible swimming session. Walking after work, 15 minutes to the pool centre I felt scared about getting in the water.  Changing in the locker room I nearly panicked and turned around to go home.  I’m unsure of what has brought back my fear of the water, dipping into the water and finishing the first 200m easy swims I still felt panicked.  I should have gotten out, there is no force equal to that of a determined woman.  Determined to complete the session, even if it killed me.

Next the 200m & 100m tempos.  I can not work out a speed for my tempo swimming, It’s not like running where sitting around 6 – 6.5 pace works for me currently.  Swimming  50 metres tempo I put everything I had into it and on the return 50m I felt to exhausted to do the other 100m straight up and decided on a 45 second rest. That turned into a 60 second rest. Huffing and puffing I began again to do the next 100m.  Again gave myself a 60 second rest before completing that final 100m tempo.

Huffing, puffing and feeling upset with myself, I had a 45 second break and began the final 100 breaststroke nice and slow, very easy.

Leaving the change room to walk home, I saw some girls with yoga mats, speaking out loud to myself saying “I wish I could do a Yoga class”, a staff member overheard me and said to go ahead and join in, if I enjoy it I could always get a casual pass to the gym.  So I did, really enjoyed the hour of stretching my body, and having the instructor like a monkey on my back pushing me into some of the stretches further than I ever felt I could do.  I’m already quiet flexible, and can see where I can improve already.

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