Triathlon 2 ~ Training Diary ~ 1st, 3rd & 6th of January 2012

As I set my sights on my 2nd Triathlon on 5 February 2012,  I am feeling way more excited this time, no more nerves.  I know I can do it, just have to keep training, training, training with a JFDI attitude.

While training for the triathlon I would like to share the up’s and down’s of the experience with you over the next 5 weeks.

1 January 2012 – Swimming Training

500m Swim as:
100m  freestyle – easy
100m  breaststroke – easy
2 x 100m  freestyle  – tempo
100m breaststroke – easy
45 sec rest between each 100m

It is New Years day, finally pulling my boyfriend out of bed around 11am to drive me down to the local public pool on the Sunshine Coast and help train and give advice on the above laps.  Being a 50m pool, normally using the 15m pool at work, the first 200m I could feel the difference of not stopping and turning around as frequently affecting my lungs.

Lesson Learnt ~  I must only swim in 50m pools to improve distance and breathing.

Having not swam since 1 December 2011, the first 2 x 100m tempos I found tough in regard to my lungs not being able to keep up with the faster pace I’ve never swam at before.  The training for my first triathlon was in a 15m pool, at an easy pace, alternating between 6 laps x freestyle, 6 laps x breaststroke for 30 minutes, stopping for a 60 second rests.

As my boyfriend saw I was a wet huffing and puffing mess, I felt like I had been swimming faster, the time on the clock was actually 10-15 seconds slower than my first easy lap in the pool.  This is normal he said encouragingly .

Finally catching my breath we did the last 100 breaststroke which was a good relaxing swim to cool down.

As a beginner swimmer I feel more training is required, it’s also my weakest leg of a triathlon.

Lesson Learnt ~ use asthma puffer before doing a tempo session to increase my lung capacity.

3 January 2012 – Ride and Run Training

20 minute Ride as:
20 min  ride – easy
Run off Bike
4 min  run – easy

I love swimming now that I’ve learnt to swim, but nothing beats riding a bike.  Having the wind in your face and weaving and winding around people and bumps on the road.  It’s one of my favorite activities to do alone or in a group.

Jumped on my brand new Road Bike that I’ve named Swift, via the post office to pick up a package before 5pm and began my easy ride.  Basically riding up and down the Kelvin Grove walk/bike way at an average speed of 17.5kph.  Got home and did a mini transition of taking off my riding gloves, helmet, threw the package on the table, grabbed my water bottle from the bike and ran out the front door down the driveway.

OUCH!!! My legs didn’t like the sudden ride to run movement for the first 30 metres.  Continuing down my street and past the Red’s training grounds down the hill until the four minutes was up. Stopped and turned around to do my cool down walk home.  All up was about 28 minutes, I felt great, good session.

6 January 2012 – Run Training

16 minute run as:
6 min  run/walk – easy
4 min  run – tempo
6 min  run/walk – easy

YES!!!! I finally did it and actually got out of bed by myself at 5 o’clock am and did exercise.  I had already felt like I’d accomplished something today by 5.10am walking out the front door.

Starting at the driveway I began a warm up walk sitting my Heart Rate (HR) around 130 for 5mins.  Then onto the easy run for 6mins with a 6.5 pace, HR between 150 – 160, felt super easy today compared to last weeks run with a muscle injury in my thigh. Ran the 4mins at a 5.5 pace, HR sat between 160-176.  Back into the easy run, I walked the first minute as I wanted my HR to come down to 150 before continuing an easy run. (I get a bit worried about my HR being to high as I’ve found I can have an asthma attack). Continued to run steady for the final 5 mins, with a nice cool down walk up the back hill to my house.

The best part of today’s training after getting home I had a shower and went back to bed for 15 minutes!! before getting ready to go to work.  Also got to put a tick on the calendar!  Tracking progress works wonders for motivation!

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